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"Love Potion (Freestyle)"

[Verse: ACOT, Mag$ & Young Plvg]
It's a love potion time, baby (Mm)
It's a love potion grind, baby (Yeah)
Swallow this love potion (Yeah)
It tastes good for you (Yeah)
Baby, it's love potion (Yeah)
I'm tryna to push it (Yeah)
Push it on you like some potion (Oh yeah)
Ouu, baby, love potion time, baby
Baby, how hard are your f*ckin' nips? (Nips)
I'm tryna f*ck you in the back of those abandoned ships (Ships, ships)
We can f*ck all night on the sea
I'll get yo' ass water-sick (Oh)
I mean boat-sick, from the motion (Oh)
And we'll f*ck in slow-motion
I have no bars (No bars), and I suck at singing (Hoo, hoo)
But I'll f*ck you so hard I'll get your ears a-ringing (Ringing), uh
And I'll f*ckin' f*ck you in places you've never been f*cked before (Before)
f*ck me, I f*cked yo' momma, that b*tch is a stupid hoe (Is a stupid hoe)
b*tch, get, the f*ck out, the door (True)
'Cause you ain't gettin' this di*k no more (No more)
You a stinky hoe, I never liked you anyway (Yeah), anyway, baby, oh
Oh, baby, tell me how hard your nips are today

[Outro: ACOT]

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