J Molley

"Going Down"

[Chorus: J Molley]
Started young with this sh*t but I’m older now
Drop a bag on my neck that’s a cold amount
If you speak on my name then it’s going down
Going down
Going down
They say what goes around come around
You just buy them a bag and they come around
If you speak on my name then it’s going down
Going down
Going down

[Verse 1: J Molley]
I feel like I’m turbo I run that sh*t back
In a big body Benz baby this not a cab
I love shawty aesthetic, come back up that ass
Shawty whipping Cayenne but she cold as Alaska

She a god with the stick so I call that b*t*h Rambo
20 000 just to host where you can’t go
She sipping dom but she dropping that ass low
When I f**k up the club I don’t f**k up the bankroll

Lil b*t*h you stupid go read you a book or something
Came from nothing to something this sh*t is nothing
Come from nothing to something to heavy stunting
All my b*t*hes get mad when I get to cuffing
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