Unkown Brother
You opened your eyes
Sixteen years ago
I was here also
But nobody knows
Now you're here
And you're growing without the love
Of your dad
Yeah it's sad

Mother cried every day
In the room while I played
I didn't understand
Why the fear
Why the tears in her eyes?
An angel flies along my side

I'd love to talk with you
God knows what we'll do
I don't have a clue
Of what you look like
If you read books
If you chase girls
I wonder
If you're clever

You're a mistake boy
But my dad stays yours
Love is just a toy
It opens all the doors
To play everyday in every house

Guess who's coming back?
Maverick on the track
That's you're name I know
But your face, I never could see it grow
Hey bro
I promise
That one day
I'll be home