Cocaine Angel
Almost jealous
And everyone is looking like they’re doing fine
Me and Cocaine Angel
We’re walking on the boardwalk making idiotic rhymes

What can you do?
There’s a sign on the door
Tellin’ us “Man, it’s a slippery floor!”
The princess of Spain
Says she’d like to get more
Out of this night
And we both know it’s impossible…

This town is rotten
And everyone deserves to be a movie star
I had a gonzo vision
Of agitated dinos drinking in a t**ty bar

Here comes the gatе b*t*h
She’s almost in bloom
She talks about line wait
Wеaring lilac perfume It’s almost romantic
Says she’ll make us some room
On the moon
And we both know it’s impossible…

Fatso’s the law man
We both made the news
Says he’ll see me later
Did I straighten my dues?
I’m almost forgiven
Got to clean up the crap on his shoes
And we both know it’s impossible…