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Kid Trunks

"3am In Miami"

[Hook: KiD TRUNKS]
I got some vros that would kill
Got some hoes that could chill
I got these b*tches in London
Gotta pop half a pill
I got my 30's and 40's so how you n*ggas gon feel?
No my ex not from Texas, but she can f*ck if she feel

[Verse: Larry League (Randy, Sensei, & Larry Loudpack)]
I got my eye on her heels
I leave em dumped in landfills
I just spilt the lean, but buddy said it was free refills
Talkin bout prophecy that he could never ever fulfill
Water on his collar get snatched off exposing his gills, goddamn
Gucci tote bag, totin' cash and the glizzy
Got that Snow White, who the f*ck is Walt Disney?
Swerving, sippin' f*cking mud, that's a mudslide
Got my right hand with me, riding through the east side, b*tch
Walking on ice, see it I'm coppin' it twice
Hop on that trike, ain't worried bout losing my life
Keep capping and capping, you turn to a fitted
Boy, I be having, they would not listen
Don't sh*t matter, matter of time
You got goons, I got mines

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