Blanco (UK)
I Don’t Mind
[Verse 1: Blanco]
Baby I'm back
I'm really tryna blow like TNT
To the E.N.D
Fendi prints no D&G
CN Tree
Shoot more shots than TMZ
Don't do deets
Bro does fraud on TSB

[Verse 2: Bis]
I don't mind
Brown and golden one, they on my line, they oh so fine
They see this life of crime, want man to leave that sh*t behind
They say that all the time
I'm tryna get a nine
Which one, I don't mind

[Verse 3: Blanco]
Versace runners and a tracky
Spend like Iraqi, my dog and I'm shaggy
BM f**k her, call me daddy
Inside the state Cincinnati
Take me out, Mcguinness Paddy
Gun and my Ammi, my brothers them carry
Fendi drip is from Italy
Baby leave, arrivederci
[Verse 4: Bis]
I do that trap sh*t like I'm Tash
I'm tryna catch them boy like I'm Ash
My finger itching me like a rash
I got that trap bread in my stash
They do the chats, ST, broski, put them boy there on their back
I told them come outside like their dad
I'm bringing double shanks when I bang

[Verse 5: Blanco]
They caught me red-hand with the mash
In jail with the mash and they trap and they mash
Spartan baby, I might splash
Semi-auto no attachments
Bad one hit it from the back
Trap, times it open in my flat
Body armour so don’t clash
Break a box, Bandicoot and then they crash

[Verse 6: Bis]
No buss down at the wrist but man buss gun from the wrist
Taking the p*ss
Talk bout flick of the wrist
Don’t let me flick my wrist
Taking a risk
Lucky if I swing my fist
Back like Miz, back like Miz
Biscy back with a bang like Carlos back and farmers p*ssed
[Verse 7: Blanco]
Pull up GG
Free D1 and TG
Spinners CD
Index ET
Shells get pressed and did indeed
From [?]
Burn them clothes they see police
Free Ohunna
Lost my brudda
Need a chopper gunner
Backing the splash if he run up
Look at the come up
Condo with you and I'm one up
Yellow one watching the sun up
My girlfriend she brung up she wanting to f**k us
Tryna cop a wap get the plug up
Talking sh*t man shut the f**k up

[Verse 8: Bis]
I'm knees deep
No Dsquared red on my jeans
Bro splash and then he repeat
Sexy gyal and she on her knees
Been couple years I been screaming free the K
Bad b gonna do what I say
She throw it back while I pull them braids
Jump out cars then things crash
Things on me like my hit man
Tryna take man out like a bin man
I need bad bs on my team
That scream gunshots for them neeks
Put them rubber bands on them sheets
And man touch his skin like some cream
I live a dream
Way we pulled up you should only call that sh*t a mazzalean