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"Pimpin Ain’t Eazy Remix"

[ Intro ]
These f*ck n*ggas, these rap n*ggas
Ya kno what i'm sayin' ?
These n*ggas been, ya know what i'm sayin'
Yea Yea
Og call me say a n*gga was lookin' for me
sh*t !

[ Verse 1 ]
I just got a call from my big homie
Word around town heard a n*gga got a brick on me
n*gga must think i'm a lick homie
He ain't eve know I gotta .40 with a di*k on me
Rollin in the club got my stick on me
Guess a n*gga made cause I had his f*ckin' b*tch on me
sh*t real heard my own dawg snitched on me
Its a violation so you know it gotta flip homie
Hunnid more shots in the AK
Might go fed how them crackers did Dae Dae
Bodies on the six n*ggas die by tre eights
No shells on the scene man them n*ggas left no trace
TGB, six block no play thang
Got hoes shakin' ass for my brothers on Jpay
Free Spazz jit comin' home one day
b*tch tell that the whole six woke up late
In a new stolen and its foreign
Big bro say if it ain't foreign then it's boring
f*ck a n*gga up like porn
Six got Glocks on the block with his boys
n*gga you ain't no noise
n*gga you a b*tch and you shoot with them toys
Got his dropped in the flood
pus*y ass jit we killin' you boys
Might make the news before four
I shot, they didn't mention i'm thanking the lord
Swing back cause we upping the score
Rollin' and geekin' they think ima dork ( aye, b*tch yea)
They think i'm a dork

[ Verse 2 ]
Brand new Glock .30
Shootin' out the gym curry
He think sh*t sweet McFlurry
Before a show get em gone, do em dirty
Swear to God we ain't got no worries
Pull up on yo block with the pop like Murray
Real facts I ain't tellin' no stories
He was speakin' on Kendrick got the last n*gga buried
pus*y you play then you late
f*ck killin' Lil Ray had that K to his face
Then I make them do the race
That boy with the bunkie just like Tampa Bay
Kodak say don't leave a trace
We shooting for straps killing for eight
You just caught a body you late
Everybody gotta die, everybody gotta date

[ Verse 3 ]
Brand new Glock .40
Pockets obese, Norbit
Still spendin' block with my shordy
Stolo on the six no foreges
Trap house jumpin' like Jordan
Pull up on ya block can't find em like Dory
Cap rap, I ain't hearin' them stories
Get killed if you cross the good lord that's important
High speed cracker can't catch me
Fled in Lou turned this sh*t to a high speed
Dead Locs n*gga won't try me
Face shot, can't let a n*gga J5 me
n*gga's don't bleed how I bleed
.30 shot clip in my motherf*ckin' magazine
Get a n*gga flipped like a motherf*ckin' trampoline
n*gga talkin' weird like he motherf*ckin' Japanese

[ Verse 4 ]
.40 is on me clappin' me
I ain't even feelin' no dap in me
We just lost Bibby tragically
But we gon' kill yo sh*t happily
Hoped out the stolen to the beamer
Can't see these n*ggas John Cena
Got my gun all in the arena
Need a bad b*tch like Trina
n*ggas sang like Justin Biber
Pull up on yo ass with my heater
Six not an ordinary creature
Talkin' my sh*t like Rasheeda
f*ck the lil hoe, I don't need her
Beat her back in then I leave her
Then I'm back in and I mingle
Six in the bricks with his heater

[ Outro ]
Ugh, Aye
Six in the bricks with his heater
Ugh, Ugh, Yea
n*ggas be sangin' Justin Biber

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