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Lil Lotus

"Don’t Take Me For Pomegranate"

[Intro: Matt Mehana]

[Verse 1: Matt Mehana]
You think it's okay to push in the knife
You're good with knowing it ruined my life
I've lost my ways and functionality
I sleep with cobwebs tucked over the sea
People like you, refuse to believe there's anything besides the world that we live on
Friends with a few, recycle and reuse but still don't know what the f**k do we live on

[Chorus: Matt Mehana]
Those gates were never guardless
I'm going in regardless
Climbed your walls without a harness
I'd put you on my shoulders even if I was armless

[Verse 2: Lil Lotus]
And I want to feel better about it
I'm up to my neck and I'm drowning
Swore it'd never be this way
Will it ever be okay?
And I could never hold it against you
Seven missed calls on the phone when I miss you
I don't ever want to forget you
No, I don't ever want to forget you
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