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Lil Lotus

"Nightmare Trip"

[Verse 1]
Can't let my body move
Just know my mind's racing
Shed's falling outside
As we're just tripping in my basement
I just wish that you were mine
'Cause I know you don't want me
I just can't think of what to say at this point in time
So please help me
I know what you want and it's really not a dream
'Cause god damn you f***ed me up
And now I can't even see
All the sh*tty letters wrote and the weed that's on the table
I can't even die alone, it's like I'm living in a fable

[Verse 2]
I know what you're feeling
I know what you're going through
Ego dying on the floor
And all that I can think is you
How did this get so f***ed up?
We fall in love in the warm months
Then the sun dies with your goodbye
And all of a sudden you're a stranger
She's a lonely girl on a lonely night
Sitting all alone in the candle light
And on the floor the flowers rot
'Cause in the end he loves you not
I can't help that I'm so selfish
Breaking hearts I got a death list
Think it's love but it's just Netflix
F*** it, imma call my ex b****

[Verse 3]
I've had a lot on my mind for a long time
I hate the way you tell me it's alright
Looks like we're falling apart now
I just wish I could come down
Now I'm feeling like I'm blacked out
Asking "where we at now?"
I don't think I'll make it out
Noises in the background
I'm about to pass out
I won't even make a sound

[Verse 4}
And it's a nightmare trip tonight
Yeah, it's like I'm living in a nightmare
And I've been feeling all alone without you by my side
Yeah, every time I close my eyes I'm so scared
And I been going so fast tonight
Yeah, my minds all gooey
And I just hope that it lasts tonight

But I know that it won't
I'm so high up now
And I won't touch the ground

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