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Molly Brazy


(RJ always trippin', man, RJ always trippin', man)
Mmm, look

Who you think you foolin'? Not us
You better show us some money or somethin'
Not in them pics, I know that's your brothers
I know that you broke, if you like it, I love it
Count contagious, broke two calculators
But I can still solve an equation, you b*t*hes is basic
I'm startin' to run out of patience
I'm startin' to run out of pages
Don't copy my swag
I know I'm drippin' in sauce
We know who really a boss
My feelings got lost
Probably the day I got crossed
Or probably the day that I walked
f**k all the talk
b*t*hes on Twitter, get off
Pull up and show me you raw
Show me your heart
Show me you swimmin' with sharks or you gon' be swimmin' with sharks (b*t*h)

I'm from the Scud, I'm serious (Uh-huh)
Who you gon' scud? I'm curious (Who?)
You cannot f**k with me period (Uh)
I think my shoes on they period (Period)
b*t*hes be quoting my lyrics (My lyrics)
Then tryna act like they ain't hear it, huh
My Off is whiter than Britney
Like I dropped my sh*t in some cereal
I'm in the crib hearin' spirits
No LOL, I'm serious
These hoes watch my Twitter
When they don't even watch they own children
We don't show pistols, we carry 'em
No, we don't just tote 'em, we use 'em
I told my brothers to bury 'em
He smokin' sh*t like it's hookah
He smokin' sh*t like it's Cookie
Think a pipe broke in my pu**y
My sh*t is so wet, I bought me a TEC 'cause he tryna hide in my bushes
Tell the feds keep it pushin'
I don't know nothin', I'm solid
You make him come out his pants
But I make him come out his pockets
I'm tryna run up these commas, they tryna cause a distraction
I had to get out the D 'cause I got a plug out in Cali
I got a plug out in Dallas, we bomin' back with fours
We runnin' through it like Forrest, they tryna kick it, Chuck Norris
I'm breakin' bread with the wolves, I'm eatin' supper with lions
This where the lawyer get hired, 'cause this where the jeweler retire
I had to get me some diamonds, they takin' cover, who shootin'?
I spend the guap, Gucci, this sh*t Emilio Pucci
I had to get me some PJs, I did this sh*t in my PJs
In here stretchin', Elay, y'all n***as funny, Deray
My location GA, blow out your candles, B-day
Get your life erased, tell all your friends, PA
Public announcement, wrist like a fountain
b*t*hes be followin', I come around
Get 'em a wig, these b*t*hes is clowns
Took everything, these b*t*hes is grounded
I don't need friends, just an accountant
Money in mountains, look at the counter
I gotta pat b*t*hes down like a bouncer
I gotta pat n***as down like a, woo
Think with your head or give me your head
We back to back, but we still ahead
We still ahead, that's facts
They tryna beat, that's wack
Drum on the chop, just ask
Whoever I'm with, that's Jas
And we from the Scud, I'm serious
Who you gon' scud? I'm curious
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