Villain Park
[Verse 1: Bunge]
Packed up my bags and got on, momma I gotta move on
Your only son getting grown, I gotta fiend for my own
20 years from now guarantee I will be playing this song
Criticising myself on why I wasn't growing at home
That's why I stay on my grind
25/8 and played the role I was given, I can see them haters grinnin' from a mile away, a lil' n***a from around the way
Finally eating good, less beef and more calery
The devil at my door, hell no we'll never let him in
He beggin' for my soul but that's something I will never give up
Cus I ain't into what you rappers into, only way I am selling out if I am packing venues, lord knows I've been up
In the studio doing time like a condom when it break, I'll be ripping when I am inside
I've told my girl when I am gone, just leave your feelings aside because I am on now don't be surprised
Food for thought no I ain't feeding you lies like these artists claming they the artist, n***a step back and let the people decide on who they wanna hear
One year, double-X L, I ain't gotta say much homie it speak for itself
I used to sit in my room thoughts lingering in my head
Kill a beat then kill a rapper dead my only option n***a make a profit then become a profit n***a
At the club throwing my last bit of money I knew I should've pocket n***a
Life full of regrets, uhh, life is a b*t*h and right now she f**king me the best
Knew I had it coming when I was throwing out money stunting like I had but I wasn't, I was trying to be cool, blowing my only check
And I'm so self-made I can die then resurrect
Paint the picture of a young spitter out for that currency where money being the motive but really it's respect that I am out for
What you expect, Smokey up next

[Verse 2: Smokey]
Don't you hate a n***a who always wanna smoke up with no type of green, no cannabis or cream just a fiend looking for the high but asking what's the ticket on the lean
Flashing sh*t they don't own frontin' just to get seen
Taxis and everybody balling, All-Star Weekend
Give them a couple of mutts and watch them end up in the deep end
See OG I am not perfect, but question is it worth it?
I just wanna live my life but without a solid surface
I've been grinding for a minute but there's no time to relax
'cause n***as making it of a 808 and a clap
Making impressions like they really be whipping bricks in the trap
Claiming you pimping a pillow talk in a pu**y of rats, it's all facts
Any other information is wack
What you do without your precious social media act
Show me a thousand times, know they just keep coming back 'Cause I ain't scared of you motherf**kers, rest in peace Bernie Mac
Standing beside your crew they lookin' starstruck and when they rap I tell them move to get a better reception to get they bars up
Some say it's Allah, I say it's dedication
Late nights, deep in the music with no communication, I am just tasting my dream
Ain't got no time, I am like a clock missing arrows
Foot on the gas I am riding Dollo cus my circle narrow, face it
The grow up process of greatness, peace in the icebox I am freezing shells like it's the Matrix n***a