Villain Park
[Intro: Bunge]
Sometimes you gotta stay quiet
Even when you right

[Chorus: Smokey & Bunge]
Hold up!
We got this sh*t sowed up!
Hold up!
We got this sh*t sowed up!

[Verse 1: Bunge]
Lil' n***a on the block with a dream
With a pen in his hand and I'm plotting a scheme
And n***as wanna throw jabs
Like a box in the ring but I'm rocky with mine, or like Pac in his prime
With my middle fingers up, because I don't give a f**k
Like them n***as in the hood with the beam that'll pull up on your set like Suge on the scene
Murder was the case they gave a n***a
Snoop in 95 when he beat the trial
Me and Smoke is like a fetus in the womb
We some brothers that's just tryna make it out and find a way up out the hood
No I don't wanna be a product of the streets
I don't wanna struggle I just wanna hustle
Make a couple millions for my family I gotta get it now

[Verse 2: Smokey]
So much on my mind I had to close the blinds for me to go for mine
Still dealing with the same old with the same old but I'm not 'cause a lot of n***as fold when it's time to put in over time
Don't let me load the nine
4 in the morning I'm on the grind
Got a fro on the top of my dreads
Who said you gotta look good when you making the bread
She said she feel it in her gut when I'm breaking her bed
My only vision was to make a change, wake the game
Don't compare me to them n***as nah we ain't the same
So much weighing on my shoulders got me dealin' with this major pain
I'll f**k around and rearrange your name
I know the road is tough, depending on the past just to hold you up
Considering the V that you're throwin' up
But shout out to the day ones 'cause they know what's up
[Verse 3: Bunge and Smokey]
And n***as know we up we got next
We ain't gotta hit the gram just to flex
You ain't gotta floss a penny in your pocket, n***as makin' more than what you make a check
Everybody know, who the realest is, who the villain is in this industry
Who gone make a killin' in this industry
Y'all know what it is, when we hit the streets it's a killin' spree
Ain't got no time for no b*t*hin' and braggin'
Put 'em deep in the casket with affirmative action
Leavin' 'em casted when I hop in and fasten
Gotta double the money the way we bringing the fat sh*t
From the city of madness where the killin' is tragic
Another black gettin' blasted you can only imagine
The fire and pa**ion turn me to an a**a**in
Pop the clip in the mag then pull it back blast it
That's when the gun go BLAP!

[Spoken Interlude: Bunge]
It ain't no thing to me, 'cause you're not making me or breaking me

[Chorus: Smokey & Bunge and Bunge]
Hold up!
The music, the industry
We got this sh*t sowed up!
When you come in as friends it breaks you up
Hold up!
It breaks you up
We got this sh*t sowed up!
[Verse 4: Bunge & Smokey]
Police plottin', pistols poppin'
B*t*hes poppin' on the floor
N***as watchin', feds is watchin'
Every move soon as you on
Got no option got a family
Gotta feed 'em that's fasho n***a
Yeah that's fasho, yeah that's fasho
Hit the block, form a plot
Execute by any means
Block is hot, police shots
Everyday a murder scene, I can't sleep
Every night wake up from million dollar dreams
Yeah that's fasho, yeah that's fasho
I don't know what you've been told but n***a this the 2.0
We ain't really with the braggin', we just had to let you know

[Pre-Chorus: Bunge & Smokey]
F**k that we gonna ride, cruisin' down the Westside
Me and Zay got this on lock
Use to mob up the block, now we pullin' up in drops
Time to turn it up a notch, we makin' it hot!

[Chorus: Smokey & Bunge]
We got this sh*t sowed up
When it comes to being pressured
Watch them n***as fold up
Tell me who you gone trust
In my face like hold up
Motherf**k the middle man no you can't control us
[Outro: Smokey & Smokey & Bunge]
You see the time we in you gotta comprehend
We got this sh*t sowed up!
Unless they'll shoot you dead
When it comes to being pressured
Catch a bullet straight into ya head for talking to the feds
Watch them n***as fold up
I'm only focused on my vision, yeah I'm 'bout my dividends
Tell me who you gone trust, in my face like hold up
Politicin' 'bout them Benjamins
Motherf**k the middle man no you can't control us
We only play to win
Sowed up!