Villain Park
Black Out Radio (Interlude)
[Spoken: DJ Coly Cole, Flinch]
OH GOD DAMN that was some crazy a** sh*t right there, welcome back to Black Out Radio. You now rockin' with DJ Coly Cole and you have just heard that new Villain Park sh*t called "Cold Game", that's that real sh*t that makes me put this silky do-rag on and this VP hat, 'cause I love it, I love this good sh*t and this sh*t loves me. You know how I like to black out, 'cause this is Black Out Radio. I'm off the [?] right now, because we having a motherf**kin' party in the back right here, and we got this new banger for y'all from Villain Park, called "Thang On Me", and we 'bout to just drop this b*t*h up on y'all real quick and just slam. As a matter of fact Flinch do you got some sh*t you gotta say?
I don't know what the f**k goin' on, I just saw two b*t*hes fighting'--
*Fighting noises*
Move that b*t*h-a**! Oh yeah we back up over here, yeah I gotta come back to this goddamn party because oh god Fizzy I told you this is "Thang On Me" and this is from The Recipe but, yo, these booties gotta come back over here to me right now, we go AHHHHH-