Villain Park
Rare Form
Real sh*t goes like this
*Indistinguishable voices*

[Verse 1: Smokey]
Uh, yo, yo, uh, who really want it with the coldest cat, [?] through the back
Red with the green with the golden mask
Thinking you're hot, could f**k around and lose your pack
'Cause all the n***as around me got a cold attack
I never hold it back, we all ready to go
Let me see them lighters up if you ready to smoke
With Bunge [?] smoke, would rather take it high to low
[?] me and my n***as [?]
The way I'm walking and talk, never been inside the fall sh*t I'm off it
Grinding like I ain't got none, so n***as stop frontin', 'cause you'd be damned if you lost it

[Verse 2: Bunge]
F**kin' with my n***as that's an automatic caution
Trying to keep my head above water 'cause the haters wanna see me where the sharks is
Funny, we ain't taking no losses
This that BP that sank that [?]
Foot up on the gas my n***a no I ain't stoppin'
I'm [?] pa**ing the compet**ion with no problem
The flow is in the pocket, I got the temperature rising
B-U-N-G-E n***as know when I'm riding
[Verse 3: Smokey]
Smoke dog, n***as already know when I'm slidin'
They here me down the block I'm smoking 'em like a rocket
Gotta keep my mind on my own 'cause they waiting in the zone for my only one shot to block it, goddamn

[Verse 4: Bunge]
Making 'cause I'm living on the dope
'Cause when the show [?] literally hit us on the low
No I ain't new to it, we done been a group before
Seen a homie change up so I switched my approach

[Verse 5: Smokey]
So we do what we do, me and my crew
If you ain't down with the V then we ain't smoking with you
I heard you plottin' on the team 'cause we speaking the truth
Speaking the truth, speaking the truth

[Spoken Outro]
Boy you know what I'm saying right? The truth is an offense, but it's never a sin. And the reason why, they're always contending with the truth because the truth convicts the heart. One, two, three! Watch me