State Birds
You're probably sleeping in every morning
Wearing thin over an alarm clock
Screaming in those poor ear drums again
I'm always waking up far too f**king early
Still feeling sick from a night ago
The night of the first snow

Hope you're loving life down in Arizona while I'm hating mine in Michigan

I woke up to a robin outside of my window
And I guess state birds just always sing better
I'll burry myself in my room and make the sun set with my blinds
I'll paint my windows gray skies in your trophy case where I'll go to die
Muscle through all this weather, when everyday is just an endless winter

I hope you're loving life over in Minnesota while i'm hating mine in Michigan
Hope you're loving live down in Arizona, see my rolling eyes I know that I don't mean it

I woke up to a robin's nest outside of my window, I guess state birds can't handle the winter