Frankie Muniz
Just think of what I said when I said we can't be friends, I'd be stepping on ten toes that I value as my own
And you can call me out cause I know I've got tough skin, well you can say I've sinned if that a thing

I crashed my car in the creek because I haven't had a good story to tell you in several weeks

Do you blame me, do you blame me for just thinking of what I said rather than what I actually did, so I'm sorry I can't be everything you want me to be cause I was fine when I was 20, 21's not what it's made to be

Is this how it went in your head
Remove the pictures from above your bed

I kissed your best friend just to get under your skin (x4)

You planted a tree in my front yard and now it's dead and so we are to believe it's something like it's supposed to be but I cut down that tree like you cut down me