And don't forget your windbreaker
I never thought I'd be the heart-breaker
You'll probably get sick of me
I'm not everything that I seem to be

And laying on concrete reminding me to breathe
While staring at your smile, I'll count your teeth
Memories of misery eventually
You'd waste away with me

And please remind me
The last time I still liked being me
An anniversary, colorblind
Wasting my twenties

(Please remind me)
Memories of misery eventually
(The last time I still liked being me)
Waste away with me
Memories of misery eventually
(An anniversary, colorblind)
(Wasting my twenties)
Waste away with me

You wanted to subside
Indigo eyes glare
Ignoring your neglected self-care

Now you're out on the East Coast
Pollen fills the spring air
You'd probably be much happier here