Alive (Script) lyrics



A black widow spider is making its web inside a rooftop vent. King’s Row can be seen out behind it.

WIDOWMAKER: [V.O.] When I was a girl, I had a fear of spiders.


A security guard walks past the vent.

WIDOWMAKER: [V.O.] I was told they felt no emotion...

The security guard is knocked out and falls in front of the camera.

WIDOWMAKER: [V.O.] ...that their hearts never beat.

Widowmaker walks into frame, though only her legs are in frame. She pauses for a moment and continues walking.

WIDOWMAKER: [V.O.] But I know the truth.


A mixed crowd of humans and Omnics chant Tekhartha Mondatta's name and hold up signs in support of him. A little girl notices Tracer in the crowd and tries to alert her mother. They are gathered around a podium with Shambali banners on either side.


Behind the stage, an Omnic adjusts Mondatta's outfit and steps to the side. Mondatta's human escort checks his earpiece, then gestures to the crowd.


Mondatta walks out to the podium, hands behind his back. The audience cheers, then falls silent. Tracer moves to get a better view of him.

MONDATTA: Human. Machine. We are all one within the Iris.

The crowd cheers.

MONDATTA: Before me I see a future. Humans and Omnics standing together. United by compassion, by common hopes and dreams.

As Mondatta speaks, Tracer notices Mondatta's escort getting a message on his earpiece, then surveying the rooftops. Suspicious, she leaves the crowd.


Several security guards patrol the area, armed with rifles. One stops to listen to his earpiece. Widowmaker distracts him by firing her Grappling Hook at a chimney, then runs at him and chokes him with the cord. As he's down, she hits him with the butt of her Widow's Kiss rifle. Widowmaker drops off the edge of the roof, suspending herself upside down with her hook's cord wrapped around one leg. She scopes in and aims at Mondatta, but notices blue flashes in her peripheral vision. Tracer appears, firing her Pulse Pistols. Widowmaker fires back, and crashes through a window. She stops to pull in her grappling hook. Tracer lands on a ledge opposite the window.

TRACER: Trying to crash another party, love?

Tracer begins firing and jumps into the window. Widowmaker grapples up the stairwell, kicking Tracer on her way up, then firing in all directions as she spins. Tracer Blinks up the stairs after her, chasing her onto the roof. She takes cover as Widowmaker stops to continue firing.

TRACER: [into a microphone on her wrist] Mondatta's in danger! Shooter on the roof! I repeat, shooter on the roof!


Mondatta’s escort listens to Tracer through his earpiece.

ESCORT: This is a secured channel, no one's auth-

TRACER: Mondatta's in danger! Get him out of here!

ESCORT: Identify yourself, immediately.

The muffled sound of gunshots echoes through the escort's earpiece.

ESCORT: All rooftop teams: check and clear. Halo is leaving, I repeat, Halo is leaving.

The escort approaches Mondatta mid-speech.

ESCORT: Sir, there's been a breach. We need to leave now. [into his earpiece] Chariot, this is Team 1. Halo is coming in hot. Over.

Mondatta and his escort leave into the crowd.


Widowmaker fires at Tracer then jumps off the roof. Tracer leaps out from behind cover to find Widowmaker gone.


Widowmaker uses her grappling hook to land on top of security guard. She rolls into another and knocks him down with a kick to his legs. She sprints and jumps onto another guard on another rooftop, firing behind her the whole time. She shoots down another guard while kicking one in the teeth. She then turns to fire back at more guards. Widowmaker turns on her Infra-Sight, locating Mondatta as he is ushered through the crowd. She jumps across more rooftops, now pursued by Tracer. She plants a Venom Mine behind a chimney, which Tracer slides past and activates. She gets caught in its fumes and falls to the ground, coughing. Widowmaker stands on top of her, pointing her rifle at her face.

WIDOWMAKER: Such a sweet, foolish girl.

Tracer Recalls back to the middle of the jump, this time blinking across.

TRACER: What's that?

Tracer fires at a pipe next to Widowmaker, spewing steam everywhere. Briefly cut to Mondatta, about to enter his limousine. Cut back to Tracer, who throws a Pulse Bomb at Widowmaker. She shoots it out of the air, knocking Tracer off the roof. Mondatta turns and sees Tracer in midair. The crowd gasps. Widowmaker jumps after Tracer, aiming at her chronal accelerator in midair. She fires, and as the bullet approaches Tracer, she recalls. The bullet instead goes directly between Mondatta's eyes. The crowd is shocked as Mondatta's head lights go dim. One lady screams. Widowmaker and Tracer land on a roof nearby. Tracer checks herself for wounds, and, finding none, looks at Widowmaker, dumbfounded.

WIDOWMAKER: Looks like the party is over.

Tracer runs to the edge of the rooftop, looking down upon the panicking crowd and Mondatta's body. She says "no" repeatedly in disbelief. Now enraged, she blinks at Widowmaker, pinning her over the edge of a roof. Widowmaker fires a grappling hook to slow their roll.

TRACER: Why?! Why would you do this?

Widowmaker laughs condescendingly as a Talon ship lands behind Tracer. As she is distracted, Widowmaker grabs her by the collar.

WIDOWMAKER: Adieu, chérie. ("Goodbye, darling.")

Widowmaker pulls Tracer off the edge, smashing Tracer against the building's wall with her feet. Tracer falls to the ground with a damaged chronal accelerator. Widowmaker pulls herself back up with her grappling hook, then picks up her rifle and walks into the ship.

WIDOWMAKER: [V.O.] When I was a girl, I had a fear of spiders. I was told that they felt no emotion...

Cut to the ship flying away from King's Row. Widowmaker stares back at the city as the bay doors close.

WIDOWMAKER: [V.O.] ...that their hearts never beat. But I know the truth. At the moment of the kill...

The bay doors close, leaving Widowmaker in complete darkness.

WIDOWMAKER: [V.O.] They are never more alive.


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