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The door to the bakery opens and Alejandra walks out with a money pouch in hand.

ALEJANDRA: I'm not a baby anymore, mamá! Stop treating me like one!

ALEJANDRA’S MOTHER: [offscreen] Listen to me, mija. Get the flour and get back quickly! No stops.


Alejandra stops for a moment and cringes as if wanting to yell something, then changes her mind and walks away and up the stairs to the left, past Los Muertos graffiti.

ALEJANDRA’S MOTHER: [V.O.] I worry about Alejandra every day. No longer a child, and nowhere near grown up. She is at a crossroads.

Alejandra kicks a can. She walks by a wall of posters, most torn, and stops to look at an intact Overwatch poster before looking away with a resigned expression.

ALEJANDRA’S MOTHER: [V.O.] I tell her about the heroes who saved our world time and time again because I want to give her hope.

Alejandra continues into the marketplace, where she sees three Los Muertos members beating an omnic on the curb. One has a makeshift bat.

ALEJANDRA’S MOTHER: [V.O.] But I am afraid that she will be forced to make a choice that will decide the direction of her life.

Alejandra tries to walk by without attracting attention, but they notice her and she stops.

LOS MUERTOS MEMBER A: Hey! Hey, Ale! Where you going, girl?

ALEJANDRA: No... nowhere...

LOS MUERTOS MEMBER A: Heh! Nowhere's right. Come 'ere! You gotta see this.

The Los Muertos member puts his arm around her shoulder and leads her to the injured omnic.


LOS MUERTOS MEMBER A: Here! Here, look at this thing! Give him what he deserves!

The Los Muertos member gives Alejandra the bat. The injured omnic looks up at her in despair.

ALEJANDRA: I... I don't know... I gotta go.

LOS MUERTOS MEMBER A: Heh heh heh! Come on. Do it! It's just a bucket of bolts!

ALEJANDRA: Uh... I have to go to the store before it closes or my mamá's gonna kill me.

Another Los Muertos member grabs Alejandra's money pouch while she is turned away. Alejandra tries to take it back, and the three pass it between each other while laughing.

LOS MUERTOS MEMBER B: Gonna be hard without any money, niña!

ALEJANDRA: Hey! Come on! Give it back! I need it!

A truck nearby honks, summoning the Los Muertos members to it.

LOS MUERTOS MEMBER C: Come on! Let’s go, let’s go!

They all jump onto it and drive away.

ALEJANDRA: Hey! Where are you going!? My money... [screams in frustration]

Alejandra runs through alleyways and scales walls to find their hideout. She peeks through a gap in a fence to see them getting out of their truck, and tries to follow. She runs into a dazed Los Muertos member, who falls face-first in front of her. Another is thrown out from behind a wall, but gets pulled back, screaming.

LOS MUERTOS MEMBER D: No! Please! No! No! [grunts] No! No! Nooo!

Other Los Muertos members drop their crates to investigate.

LOS MUERTOS MEMBER E: Yo, go check that out.

Alejandra hides behind several stacked crates. The two approach their injured friend and help him up.

LOS MUERTOS MEMBER F: Hey, come on, aúpa, get up.

The previously dragged away member gets thrown into a fuse box, and the lights around the alley flicker out, revealing Los Muertos' glow-in-the-dark skeleton tattoos. The three look around, confused and scared. They pick up their bats and clubs.

LOS MUERTOS MEMBER G: What was that? D-did you see anything? Who's there?

LOS MUERTOS MEMBER H: Enough games, perro! Come out and fight!

Behind them, Soldier: 76's visor lights up and he punches one member in the face. He swiftly dispatches the three, as well as a fourth that had joined the fight. The crate-carrying member from before (E) notices the commotion, and whistles to summon others. He hops onto the truck and pulls a minigun out of a pinata-filled crate. Soldier: 76 takes cover as, in addition to the minigun, other Los Muertos members begin firing at him from the rooftops. Soldier: 76 runs out of cover and fires Helix Rockets at the truck, which explodes. He then jumps off a stack of crates and locks onto the rooftop members with his Tactical Visor, firing at all three of them in quick succession. As one member attempts to crawl away, Soldier: 76 approaches slowly and bashes his head with a burnt pinata.

LOS MUERTOS MEMBER I: [gasps] Oh no! No no! No no no no no! Please... Please please please!

SOLDIER: 76: [growl] These! Aren't! Your! Streets! Any! More!

Alejandra screams, and Soldier: 76 notices her for the first time.

ALEJANDRA: No! Please, I-

Another truck drives up behind Soldier: 76. Los Muertos members climb out and help up their fallen friends.

LOS MUERTOS MEMBER J: Get on the truck! Let's go!

SOLDIER: 76: You don't get off that easy!

A Los Muertos member lobs a grenade at Soldier: 76 as the truck drives away.


It rolls and stops in front of Alejandra as she panics, trying to back away. Soldier: 76 is conflicted about whether he should save Alejandra or continue going after the gang. After the explosion, he slides to the ground with Alejandra safely in his arms.

Soldier: 76 stands up, clutching a wound in his ribcage and growling. He turns away.

ALEJANDRA: You... you saved me... Why?

Soldier: 76 turns back towards her while growling. Alejandra is initially startled, but Soldier: 76 relaxes.

SOLDIER: 76: Old habits die hard, I guess. Run home, kid. It ain't safe out here.

Soldier: 76 tosses her the stolen money pouch and picks up his Heavy Pulse Rifle. Alejandra stands.

ALEJANDRA: You're one of those heroes, aren't you?

Soldier: 76 stops and looks back at her over his shoulder.

SOLDIER: 76: Not anymore.

Soldier: 76 walks away.

ALEJANDRA: I think you are.


Alejandra runs back down the street, carrying a large bag of flour. She stops at the wall of posters and takes the Overwatch poster. She walks into the Panadería las Nieblas with both in hand.

ALEJANDRA’S MOTHER: [offscreen] You're late, mija. I've been worried sick!

ALEJANDRA: Sorry, mamá, but you won't believe what happened tonight! Los Muertos, they came, and they took my money...

Alejandra’s voice fades out as she closes the door behind her.

ALEJANDRA’S MOTHER: [V.O.] And then there are the times when I see her smile, and the hope in her eyes, and I think maybe I don't need to worry about Alejandra after all.


Soldier: 76 watches the shop from a nearby rooftop. He turns around walks away with the moon behind him.


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