Infiltration (Script) lyrics




Sombra appears on screen mid-hack, scrolling through windows of information until she comes across a small piece of data highlighted with a red lock.

SOMBRA: Huh, I thought this was supposed to be the most advanced security system on the planet.

Sombra plucks it out and inspects it. Seemingly satisfied, she spreads out the data and reads it.

WIDOWMAKER: [OVER EARPIECE] We don't have all day. Hurry up.

REAPER: [OVER EARPIECE] Enough. Do you have satellite?

SOMBRA: Of course.

Sombra swipes another window onto the screen. It is an overhead view of Volskaya Industries. The locations of Reaper and Widowmaker are marked in green, and those of enemies are marked with small red dots. The words “BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS” appear on-screen.


Widowmaker and Reaper are poised outside an entrance to the facility. Crates of material are stacked around them.

WIDOWMAKER: Are you certain the target is on-site?


SOMBRA: Oh, she's here alright.

Sombra playfully enlarges another window for the viewer to see: a surveillance camera in an elevator showing CEO Katya Volskaya flanked by two armed guards.


SOMBRA: [OVER EARPIECE] Okay, you're in.

Widowmaker and Reaper nod to each other and the door opens. They dash in and up the stairs. Widowmaker distracts the unknowing guard by running ahead, while Reaper comes out of Wraith Form behind him and quickly silences him. Widowmaker pauses at the next door to let him catch up before it opens. Widowmaker swiftly grapples up to the top of a crane arm as Reaper leaps down from the ledge, returning to Wraith Form as he hits the ground.


Two guards appear in the foreground on patrol, rounding a corner.

GUARD: I cannot wait until the inspection is over.

Sombra comes out of camouflage behind them and, as soon as they are gone, begins to type into the control panel on the wall.


Reaper continues on until he stops in front of a mechanical door barring his way.

REAPER: The door.

The door slides open a small amount, then suddenly shuts as he takes a step towards it.

REAPER: Sombra!

Sombra chuckles and fully opens the door. Reaper wraiths in, grumbling. Automated turrets begin to swivel and target him, but quickly droop, powerless.

SOMBRA: [OVER EARPIECE] Turrets are down.

Widowmaker is perched high up on the crane.

WIDOWMAKER: I'm in position.

She activates her Infra-Sight visor and aligns the industry’s bay in her sights.

WIDOWMAKER: Sombra, time to target.


Three manned mechs are waiting in the bay. A few guards are scattered around the area. The elevator carrying Katya Volskaya and her guards lowers itself into the bay.

SOMBRA: [OVER EARPIECE] Incoming, right now.

Volskaya steps out, followed by one of her two guards, and purposefully walks up the stairs towards the mechs. Another guard steps forward to greet her; she moves past him and he rushes to follow.

GUARD: Chairman Volskaya. The new guidance systems. They will be the difference in destroying the hated omnics. Its--

VOLSKAYA: Tell me we're still on schedule. The omnium will not wait for us to be ready before they attack again.

The soldier in the middle mech powers on his machine.

VOLSKAYA: Our first new mechs in a decade. This will ensure the future of Russia.

Volskaya edges forward, reaching out with her hand to touch the outstretched arm of the mech. Widowmaker scopes in on her head; by moving, Volskaya’s body has nearly left the cover of the wall that is separating her from the view Widowmaker’s rifle.

WIDOWMAKER: Just a little bit further…

Suddenly, alarms blare in the factory. A guard grabs Volskaya’s shoulder and pulls her back.

GUARD: Miss Volskaya, let's move!


Widowmaker fires a shot, but it narrowly misses Volskaya’s head as she and her guard rush towards the elevator.

REAPER: [OVER EARPIECE] Widowmaker, hold the perimeter. We'll take over.

Reaper wraiths into the bay just as the gates slam shut behind him. He pulls out his shotguns, taking out one guard on the ledge above. Another guard slams into the mech while fleeing and blacks out, leaving one more guard for Reaper to dispatch. He then turns his guns on Volskaya in the elevator, who is blocked by the two guards. He fires on them but is immediately blocked by the shield on the mech’s arm. Reaper looks up at the soldier, who slams the mech’s arm into Reaper’s chest. He flies backwards and hits a wall, falling to the floor. Reaper starts to get up, but the mech stomps forward and prepares to engage. He manages to get to his feet but nearly crumples, holding a wound on his waist.

REAPER: Sombra! I'm cut off! It's on you now.


SOMBRA: I'm all over it.

Sombra climbs up onto a ledge. She and Volskaya lock eyes as the elevator speeds upwards.

SOMBRA: She's getting away!


The elevator stops and releases Volskaya and the guards. Another guard is waiting to escort her to safety.

GUARD: Careful, Miss Volskaya!

Down below, Sombra hacks a device on the wall and jumps on it. It begins to shoot her up to their level. She takes a leap of faith and pulls herself onto a catwalk. Volskaya, again, catches her eye; Sombra smirks as Volskaya is hurried away by the guards. Sombra runs towards them but is faced by two guards. She hurls her translocator the the floor in between them. It blinks rapidly, alarming them, but soon stops; they laugh, assuming it to be a faulty bomb. While they are distracted, Sombra takes them out with her submachine gun and carries on. The guards above catch sight her.

GUARD: All mechs, fire on catwalk, level three!

The mech from the bay floor points its arm upwards and shoots two beams of energy that sever Sombra’s catwalk from the rest. She begins to fall.

REAPER: [OVER EARPIECE] Sombra, status!

Mid-fall, Sombra reaches out and hacks the arm of a dormant svyatogor mech.

SOMBRA: I'm working on it!

The mech’s hand catches Sombra and carries her upwards as the guards fire on her. They run as she is launched onto the catwalk and disappears into her camouflage.


Volskaya’s squad of escorts drop her and two other guards off in her office.

GUARD: Where did she go? Find her!

The heavy metal door slams shut outside the office. Metal walls also barricade the windows and plunge them into darkness. Volskaya settles, exhausted, on the edge of her desk as the lights slowly turn on. Her two guards glance at each other, guns ready, just as Sombra materializes between them. She dispatches them with ease and spins, training her gun on Volskaya’s forehead.

SOMBRA: Katya Volskaya.

The two face each other, standing motionless for a few agonizingly long moments. Suddenly, Sombra steps back, relaxing her gun.

SOMBRA: Ha! You have no idea what it took for me to make this meeting happen.

Guards can be heard shouting outside the door.

GUARD: Miss Volskaya! Miss Volskaya!

SOMBRA: Relájate, I'm not going to kill you! I mean, I'm the one who set off the alarm.

REAPER: [OVER EARPIECE] Sombra! do you have the targe--

Sombra removes her earpiece.

SOMBRA: Okay, listen. I'm here to make a friend. I'll show you something I found.

Spreading her fingers as if framing a picture, Sombra opens an image of Volskaya in the process of making deals with omnic technology. Sombra slowly moves to sit next to Volskaya on her desk.

SOMBRA: Tell me, what would happen if the people of Russia learned that their "defender against the omnics" was actually getting her tech from the enemy?

She spreads out many more windows of photos and articles about Volskaya’s illegal deals. As the CEO stares at them, Sombra reaches behind her to the photos on her desk and holds one out to Volskaya; it is a picture of her daughter.

SOMBRA: What would that do to the future of Russia?

Sombra gets off of the desk and slowly paces to a spot in front of Volskaya.

VOLSKAYA: What do you want?

SOMBRA: The most powerful woman in Russia? Hah, I've always wanted a friend like that!

The guards outside can be heard again.

GUARD: Miss Volskaya, answer us!

Sombra minimizes the other windows until the original photo is left, then holds it up for Volskaya to see.

SOMBRA: So I'm thinking, I don't let these images appear on every holovid in the world and you help out your new friend every now and then. What do you say?

Saws can be heard outside the office door, which raises far enough for flying sparks and the guards’ boots to come into view.

SOMBRA: Clock's ticking, amiga.

Volskaya continues to stare at the photo of her daughter, her face reflecting in the glass. She looks up.

VOLSKAYA: As if I had a choice. Now what, "friend"?

SOMBRA: I'll be in touch. Boop!

Sombra steps forward and taps Volskaya on the nose. She waves and disappears right as the doors open and two armed guards rush in, dumbfounded by her disappearance. Sombra appears back at her translocator and puts the earpiece back into her ear.

SOMBRA: Mission failed. Target escaped.


Reaper cringes in anger. He throws down his shotguns and starts walking away from the wrecked mechs.

REAPER: Get back to the ship.

As he leaves the bay, he looks up at Widowmaker. She deactivates her visor and lowers her rifle, glaring suspiciously. She leaps off the crane.


Sombra smirks and looks at the camera. She taps it with her finger.




Volskaya stands at the window, overlooking the city below. Another figure steps into the foreground, hidden in shadow.

VOLSKAYA: Do you know why you are here?

Aleksandra “Zarya” Zaryanova steps into view. Two guards in shadow are behind her.

ZARYA: I believe I do.

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