Shooting Star (Script) lyrics



The show title “SHOOTING STAR” appears on screen over an aerial shot of Busan, South Korea. The city lights illuminate the night with skyscraper-high projected advertisements of D.Va and her image. The camera pans up to catch the MEKA base floating out at sea in the distance.

ANNOUNCER: [V.O.] Welcome to another episode of Shooting Star! Today, we set our sights on Busan, home of the e-sports champion turned ace pilot: D.Va!

A still shot of D.Va holding a trophy after winning an e-sports world championship appears on screen.

HANA SONG: [pre-recorded] I play to win!


Hana’s mechanic and friend, Dae-hyun, is seated with his feet on the table watching the broadcast, boredly eating a bowl of D.Va-endorsed ramen.

ANNOUNCER: [V.O. from screen] At just nineteen, she's become a national hero.

Behind Dae-hyun, Hana’s gloved hand picks a screwdriver out of a tool kit and continues repairing her mech’s arm. She tests its trigger calibration, paying no attention to the show.


A still shot of the five-man MEKA squad charging a massive Gwisin omnic appears on screen. The caption “GHOST ATTACK!!!” is written in the top left corner.

ANNOUNCER: [V.O.] Only last week, she risked her life again, defending the city from the Gwisin omnics.

The photo is replaced with a lineup of the five pilots. Four of their icons, belonging to Jae-Eun “Casino,” Yuna “D.Mon,” Kyung-Soo “King,” and Seung-Hwa “Overlord” blink into monochrome and marked with a repair symbol. Hana’s icon in the middle remains lit. The graphic switches to a photograph of emergency services pulling D.Mon’s mech out of the wreckage in the city. Overlord’s mech is still lying in the crater.

ANNOUNCER: [V.O.] She and the MEKA squad took a few hits, but they pulled off another victory!

Cameras flash as Hana is shown posing for photographers.

ANNOUNCER: [V.O. from screen] Now, D.Va is celebrating with some hard-earned glitz and glamour!


Dae-hyun chuckles at the last line and turns back to look at Hana.

DAE-HYUN: Hey, Hana, shouldn't you be out signing autographs, or something?

ANNOUNCER: [V.O. from screen] She's spending [...] at the hottest spots in the city, eating the finest foods, and hanging out with other superstars! Well, life wasn't always like this for D.Va, she had to…

As the announcer speaks, Hana takes a sip from a Nano-Cola bottle, picks up some chips from the table, and eats them before climbing on top of her mech without a response.

DAE-HYUN: I wonder what glitz and glamour tastes like…

Dae-Hyun turns the broadcast off with his foot as he swings his legs off the table and around to face her.

DAE-HYUN: Hey, why aren't we on leave with the rest of the squad? I could use a little 'glitz and glamour' in my life, you know?

Hana turns around from her work, wiping her hand at a grease stain on her cheek.

HANA: It's overrated, Dae-hyun.

She motions to the MEKA facility and hops off the top of her mech. She picks up a thick pipe running from the hatch at the top.

HANA: This--this is where the magic happens. It's like how we used to stay up late, and work on your hoverbike.

Dae-hyun stands up, tossing a Nano-Cola can from one hand to the other.

DAE-HYUN: [chuckles] You mean the one you wrecked?

Hana plugs the pipe into a coolant machine.

HANA: Really? You're still mad about that? We won the race!

DAE-HYUN: Yeah! And you almost killed yourself!

He pops open the lid, triggering a flashing lights and pre-recorded voice line. Hana returns to her mech.

D.VA: [recording] Nano Cola! Enjoy!

DAE-HYUN: [sighs] You beat the Gwisin. They won't be back for months. You need a break.

She gently touches a series of scratches on its right barrel, looking distant.


Thunder booms and lightning flashes as D.Va flies around the giant Gwisin omnic. Alarms in her mech blare in the noise of the downpour and combat.

D.MON: [over mic] *inaudible Korean*

MALE MEKA PILOT: [over mic] We can't see anything!

D.MON: [over mic] I'm hit!

D.Va’s face turns to shock as lightning illuminates her face.


HANA: I... I can't.

DAE-HYUN: Uh, Hana?

HANA: [softly] We barely won last time. The enemy is out there…

A shot of the cityscape outside the base window appears on screen.

HANA: [V.O.] ...adapting, and getting stronger. The rest of the squad, the country? They're all counting on me!

The camera returns to Hana. Dae-hyun approaches from behind her.

HANA: If I make a mistake and the Gwisin get through us... we lose... everything.

DAE-HYUN: I… [sighs]

HANA: I need to finish the tests.

Hana removes her hat and jacket. She opens the hatch to her mech and climbs inside. As she turns on the interface, Dae-hyun walks in front of the window.

DAE-HYUN: Stop putting it all on yourself! It's okay to ask for help.

HANA: I've got this. Really.

Hana continues pressing buttons in her mech. Dae-hyun walks away and back to the command console.

DAE-HYUN: Ugh. Command says we're in the clear, but... hey!

He notices a blinking dot steadily approaching on the radar. As it crosses a midway line, an alarm sounds.

DAE-HYUN: What do you... That... can't be right. It's too soon.

Red warning alerts blare from the computer.


A squad of five tentacled Gwisin omnics fly towards the city over the water. A targeting symbol locks onto the MEKA base, the only thing between them and the city. The omnic in the center of the formation opens up a hatch on its roof and unleashes a volley of small rockets heading towards it.


D.Va, mech ready for combat, emerges from the base and onto a platform. Dae-hyun follows her, and both gaze at the enemies incoming.


HANA: D.Va engaging!

D.Va activates her boosters and flies off to meet them. Dae-hyun shouts to her as she leaves.

DAE-HYUN: Wait! You can't do it alone!

HANA: Activating defense matrix!

The conical shield consumes the rockets while her blasters detonate any she may have missed. She emerges from the smoke and fires at the omnics, but all evade her missiles and fly past her. She quickly makes a u-turn and continues her pursuit.

DAE-HYUN: [over radio] They're splitting up!

HANA: I see it!

The Gwisin squad in front of her splits off into two groups. D.Va veers after the two on her left, firing and destroying one. She catches up to the second and lands on its hood, quickly destroying it and bouncing off to the other group. Before she can get much closer to them, they spread their tentacles, using the wind to suddenly fly behind D.Va into a new position.

HANA: Woah!

They recoil their tentacles and unleash a hail of bullet fire on D.Va. She swerves right and they follow, destroying her left cannon.

HANA: These things are fast!


Dae-hyun is watching a handheld console displaying warnings for multiple damages to her mech.

DAE-HYUN: Get to cover and wait for reinforcements!


HANA: They won't get here in time!

D.Va abruptly turns in the air, screaming determinedly as she fires out of her working cannon at the omnics. Two are destroyed. As she turns back to continue her flight, the last remaining Gwisin begins flying towards the city.


Dae-hyun presses his hands to the window, watching it.

DAE-HYUN: The last one's heading for the city!


HANA: I'm on it.

She turns and blasts towards the omnic, whose targeting symbols have locked onto multiple buildings. As the hatch opens to deliver another volley of rockets, D.Va’s mech is rapidly closing in.

HANA: Come on.

Within range, she fires out of her remaining cannon and activates her missiles. The omnic emerges unscathed, whirling around and opening its tentacles to be blown into the front of D.Va’s mech.

HANA: Ugh!

The Gwisin wraps its tentacles around the mech and lets out a mechanical roar, the giant red eye in the middle staring her down. Grunting, D.Va swivels her cannon and tries to fire at it, but it twists the arm away and breaks it off, tossing it into the ocean.

HANA: I can't stop this thing…

She glances at the red alarms on her interface and the damage to her mech. Behind the red eye of the Gwisin, she sees the glowing light of her city.

HANA: Dae-hyun, I-I need your help.


DAE-HYUN: Really? Uh, okay!

He runs from the window and over to the computer. He pulls up a hologram of her mech and rapidly types into the console.

DAE-HYUN: Okay, the reactor's getting unstable…


DAE-HYUN: [over radio] you can't stay out there for too long before you blow the whole thing. Weapons systems are offline, and, uh, the cooling systems--

HANA: Yeah! The reactor, we could overload it, just like the hoverbike!


DAE-HYUN: What?! Are you crazy?! This isn't a stupid race!


The tentacles tighten around the mech’s legs, damaging it further.

HANA: Urgh! I know!


HANA: [over radio] Ah! If we don't do this, thousands of people will die!

DAE-HYUN: Okay. Buy me some time!


HANA: Let's do it!

She winds back her left cannon and delivers a strong blow to the side of the Gwisin. D.Va grabs her pistol from the roof of her mech and starts unloading her ammo into the glass of its red eye.


Dae-hyun types determinedly on the keyboard.


The mech’s reactor begins to spark and overload. Her right boosters explode.

HANA: Ugh!

The two begin to spin out of control in the sky.


On the hologram of her mech, the reactor on the top glows white.


The hood of the reactor pops off, revealing the electricity arcing around it.


DAE-HYUN: I got it! Your reactor's going critical.


DAE-HYUN: [over radio] You have sixty seconds until it blows.

HANA: That's not fast enough. We'll be in the city!

D.Va grunts as the mech bashes its eye into the front window of her mech, leaving a large crack. She puts another clip into her pistol.

DAE-HYUN: Uh, Hana...

HANA: Trust me, Dae-hyun... I'll see you at the finish line.

D.Va ejects from her mech, falling down towards the ocean. She spins, lining up her pistol at the overloading mech above. Finally, she fires and hits her reactor, sending it over the limit. The mech explodes in a giant blast that lights up the sky and Hana plummets towards the water. The camera cuts to black right before she hits it.

Hana floats in and out of consciousness. She sees the blurry image of a rescue helicopter hovering above her with a figure descending to reach her.


Still not fully conscious and seeing in slow, blurred motion, Hana’s view witnesses herself being wheeled through a hospital corridor by a doctor with an IV tube. Dae-hyun is keeping pace with her.

DAE-HYUN: [muffled] Hana! Stay with me, Hana, I'm here...

Shortly after that, she sees a doctor leaning down to resuscitate her with a defibrillator, but the camera flares white from the overhead light before any result is seen.


A photograph pictured on-screen depicts the explosion of D.Va’s mech over the ocean.

REPORTER: The city is still in shock after the recent surprise attack. Incredibly, thanks to D.Va, no one was injured. She stopped the Kishin single-handedly and authorities confirm she emerged without a scratch.


Hana sits up, sporting a bandage on her right cheek and revealing that the screen was behind her the whole time. She wipes her forehead with her right hand, holding a socket wrench.

The camera pulls back to reveal she is sitting on top of her mech, screwing something into the top. Her left leg is in a cast, her left arm is in a sling, her right knee is bandaged, and there is a guard on her wrist. The wrench spins out of her grip as she lifts her hand.

REPORTER: [in background] She's currently enjoying some time off to celebrate her victory. In other news...

The wrench clatters to the floor. Dae-hyun picks it up and hands it to her.

DAE-HYUN: [sarcastic] Oh man. This time off is great, isn't it?

She takes the wrench.

HANA: What's not to like? There's delicious food, and drinks...

The camera pans over her bags of chips and soda on the table.

DAE-HYUN: [doubtful] Yeah...

HANA: And good friends. The kind that are always there for you--when you need them most.

DAE-HYUN: Uh, right… [chuckles] and seeing as I helped save the city…

Hana rolls her eyes, still smiling. Dae-hyun walks over to another device and kneels down to continue repairing it.

DAE-HYUN: about getting me on the V.I.P. list for one of those fancy restaurants you always go to?

HANA: You know, I think you've been watching too many holo-vids.

The camera pulls out, showing the pink clouds over the MEKA base and city of Busan.


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