Reunion (Script) lyrics




The shot opens with a jukebox selecting and playing a record. The record label reads: “BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS REUNION.” A muffled country tune starts to play.

JUKEBOX: [playing track] Ride to town, shoot ‘em up, and keep on going.

As the song plays, the camera cuts around the diner. There is a steaming pot of coffee on the counter, and the wall phone is left dangling and beeping.

JUKEBOX: ‘Cause I got a job to do, and I don’t stop for no one.

There is a pile of dishes in the sink under a faucet periodically dripping, and an apple pie on the counter with one slice taken. A fly buzzes over the glass cover.

JUKEBOX: Get your gun, kiss your wife and lock up your daughter.

The ticking clock on the wall reads 11:54. Jesse McCree is seated at a booth by the window.

JUKEBOX: Don’t let her fall in love with the pale rider.

McCree cuts a slice from the apple pie in front of him with his fork and eats it. He takes a drink from a coffee mug resting on a Route 66 postcard next to a small white chip with a glowing blue light. The clock ticks to 11:55.

JUKEBOX: Many men quickly found I’m unforgiving.

As McCree goes to cut another slice, a whistling train promptly rushes by on the bridge. There is an explosion outside from the bridge, and several train cars plummet to the ground, landing outside the diner windows and shaking the restaurant. McCree’s fork pauses above the slice of pie, and when the dust begins to settle, he calmly cuts and eats the slice. McCree sets the fork down, picks up the white chip, and gets up. He tosses a coin on the table before grabbing his hat and holster on the way out. The bell above the door jingles when he opens it to the dusty outdoors.


The remaining train cars are precariously dangling from the blown tracks, some smoking or on fire. On the ground, five members of the Deadlock Gang are keeping watch or rummaging through the ruins. The first gang members hefts a large crate onto the payload cart, while another sifts through a crate filled with grenades and guns. Footsteps sound behind him, and he looks over as McCree clears his throat.


He is then seen running through the smoke, carrying a belt of grenades.

GANG MEMBER: [panicked] Ashe! Ashe!

He stumbles, dropping the belt and scattering the grenades, but halts when he gets to the payload cart where Ashe and B.O.B., her trusty omnic sidekick, stand.

GANG MEMBER: [pointing at the way he came] We got trouble.

Ashe turns, narrowing her eyes. McCree emerges from the smoke and stops. Ashe pulls down the Deadlock Gang bandana from her face and addresses him.

ASHE: [coldly] Jesse McCree. Been a while. You promised you’d write.

MCCREE: Well, Ashe…

He pauses to light his cigarette, then looks up.

MCCREE: ...I’ve been kinda busy.

She hoists her rifle to her shoulder.

ASHE: We’re pretty busy ourselves. So it’s awful convenient, you showin’ up today.

MCCREE: Yeah… You’ve never been one to shy away from a good tip.

ASHE: Hey--we worked hard for this score.

While B.O.B. nods, she handles her rifle and gestures at him.

ASHE: You best move on now.

MCCREE: Hmph. All I want is that crate. Everythin’ else is yours.

ASHE: This crate?

She taps the round, silver crate with the barrel of her rifle.

ASHE: Huh… B.O.B.

B.O.B. gingerly presses the button to open it. Seeing what is inside, Ashe and B.O.B.’s expressions reveal only the slightest surprise. She turns back to McCree.

ASHE: Well, well… Now you got my attention. What is it?

MCCREE: That’s none of your business.

Ashe hops off the cart and takes a few steps in his direction, handling her rifle. B.O.B. closes the crate.

ASHE: Well as I see it… Now it’s very much our business.

MCCREE: [sighs] It doesn’t always have to be this way, Ashe.

She takes a few more steps forward.

ASHE: Apparently…

She c*cks her lever action.

ASHE: does.

McCree’s hand moves above his revolver. B.O.B. rips a Route 66 sign from the concrete as they and another member next to them prepare for the standoff. Two more creep up behind McCree, and an ominc sniper takes aim atop a wrecked train car. A tumbleweed bounces between McCree and Ashe’s companions. They continue to wait and an eagle cries in the distance. A couple of the members cast slight glances at each other, and B.O.B. appears to sweat nervously. Ashe and McCree glare at each other.


The clock hand moves to noon.


Immediately, hell breaks loose as the Deadlock Gang aims their weapons. McCree shoots the revolver out of the hand of Ashe’s comrade, who falls into her. She pushes him off.

ASHE: C’mon!

Her allies from behind fire at McCree and he tosses a flashbang, which detonates between B.O.B. and Ashe. He then shoots a wire between the two enemies behind him, sending a train car falling. A cord wraps around one member’s foot and yanks him away, while the other ducks to avoid the swooping train car but is knocked away by falling cargo.

The sniper tries to take aim at McCree again, but the airborne comrade swinging around him swings into his sights.

GANG MEMBER: Don’t shoot!

Too soon, McCree shoots the rifle out of his hands and he falls off the car. Ashe fires at McCree, but her shots are blocked by falling boulders as McCree rolls away, sending a few bullets towards her. She ducks, but B.O.B. jumps in front of her and intercepts them with the road sign. She elbows her companion in the back, yelling in frustration.

ASHE: B.O.B., do something!

He plants the sign in the ground, adjusts his small hat, and aims his arm cannon. McCree is forced to run for cover behind a rock to escape his fire. He tosses his cigarette to the ground.

MCCREE: [wryly] Looks like B.O.B. got himself some upgrades.

B.O.B. switches arms and the other gang member near him starts to shoot.

ASHE: Smoke him out of there!

The sniper recovers from his fall and takes aim, but McCree shoots him behind a crate without looking.

ASHE: Last chance, McCree!

She c*cks her rifle and fires, taking out a chunk off the end of the rock he’s using for cover.

ASHE: [in the distance] Toss out your weapon!

McCree notices the several grenades the gang member had dropped in his flight. They rest within reach.

MCCREE: Alright, Ashe… here it comes!

He tosses five of the grenades over the rock and in their direction. Some of the gang members flee while Ashe lowers her gun.

ASHE: Oh shoot--!

McCree fans the hammer, detonating the grenades with the shots. He spins his revolver before returning it to the holster as the dust and smoke engulfs him.

When Ashe comes to, she finds herself and her comrades on the payload with her hands tied to it.

ASHE: What… what the… McCree!

She pulls herself up to see McCree placing B.O.B.’s head in a coil of rope.

MCCREE: Sorry about that, B.O.B. No hard feelings?

ASHE: McCree! Hey! Untie me, McCree! I’m talkin’ to you!

MCCREE: Heh… say hi to the gang for me.

He pushes a button on the payload cart and sends it slowly driving along its path, taking Ashe and her gang with it.

ASHE: [as the cart moves away] I will not be ignored! I’m gonna rebuild B.O.B., and I’m gonna have him rip off your other arm! McCree!

McCree walks over to the silver crate on the ground and presses a button to open it. He takes the white chip and inserts it into a mechanism inside. A light appears, forming the simulated blue image of a woman’s face. The eyes open.

ECHO: Hey there, cowboy.

McCree smiles and takes off his hat.

MCCREE: Hmph… welcome back, partner.

He holds out his hand. Echo’s sleek white hand takes it, and the floating humanoid omnic rises gracefully from the crate.

ECHO: Hmm… How long have I been gone?

MCCREE: Far too long.

She looks down at his mechanical arm she is holding on to.

ECHO: What happened?

MCCREE: Heh… well, that’s a story for another time. But I got a call… we’re gettin’ the band back together, and they want me. But really… they need you.

She looks up at him. He begins to walk away, but she calls him back.

ECHO: Jesse, wait… What are you going to do?

MCCREE: [chuckles] I’ve got some business to attend to.

He hops onto Ashe’s motorcycle and turns the key. Above the ignition slot is an small, old photo of Ashe and McCree from younger days. He revs the engine.

MCCREE: Say hi to the monkey for me.

ECHO: Monkey?

MCCREE: [good-naturedly] Scientist, whatever.

He drives off down the road and through the small town.


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