Gabbie Hanna


Lullaby and goodnight
Baby, tuck in your sorrows
Find a way to drown it out somehow
Go to sleep, rest your head
You can worry tomorrow
These are things you can't change
Right now, right now

[Verse 1]
My eyes are tired but my mind is alive
My brain is my vacation and prison at the same time
It lures me in and locks me up and tosses the key
I'm pillow-talking to myself because it won't let me sleep
Okay, my legs are achin', restless kickin' keeping me up
I'm moving up on the charts; still feeling down on my luck
I'm tossin', turnin', far from snorin', wrestlin' with my bed
And I keep fightin' sheets and thoughts
That won't get out of my head
Like how can sometimes days feel like years
And years feel like moments? And if time heals all wounds
Then why's it take the ones we love from us?
And what's it even matter when forever ends in a second?
All of our thoughts and knowledge
End up six feet deep with our skeletons

Leverage it, to hell with it
Might as well make the best of it
When you're gone the only advantage
Is you won't ever remember it
So raise the stakes, and make mistakes
One day you'll wake up dead
But 'til then, close your eyes
Lay to rest, sleepyhead
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