I Got Way Too High For This Podcast lyrics

Gabbie Hanna

@44:49 Conversation regarding the song "Silver Lining"
Gabbie Hanna: I have a song, that I just wrote his verse for it, today
Kyle McCarthy: That you're going to release?
Gabbie Hanna: Yeah, it was- I already wrote it, and then- I had the blank verse because I wanted a feature on it, and then um- well I was writing for him, to be on a feature, and then, I just never got around to like- doing the verse, and we were just like sending ideas back and forth, and I was just like solidified it today, and I love that song so f**king much, it's gonna f**k
Kyle McCarthy: You want to tell me what it's called?
Gabbie Hanna: Yeah, “Silver Lining” it's actually cool-
Kyle McCarthy: Did you say that before, and I missed it, no?
Gabbie Hanna: No I didn't, but I uh started writing it in a video that ended up being “The Making of” my song “Happy” because I was trying to write a love song for Payton (Payton Saxon) and um, we were trying to co-write it, and I like killed it halfway through I was like “I’m just not feeling this like it's not the direction I feel like doing right now.” So then we started over and I wrote another song called “Happy” but I couldn't get the melody from “Silver Lining” out of my head, so I was like “I gotta f**king use that melody.” so then um- When Landon asked me to be on his EP I asked him to do a song with me, and I was like I have “Silver Lining” half-written um- it would be a great opportunity to collaborate because we can write it together and uh it f**ks


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