Pastor Troy
Digital Lover
My digital lover
Are you all mine
I'm 'bout to log on
'Cause you on my mind
Hit me on my Twitter
Let's twit all them pictures
I'm waiting on you
You know you my bu
My digital lover
My digital lover
Are you online
'Cause I'm on the road and I miss you
And I ain't got no time and
I just wish I could kiss you
And hold you close the way you look at my body
This world I miss most
So now we digital lovers
We look at each other on the I-Phone
We facetap, it's on
It feels like I'm home
But I'm far away
So we stay connected through our I5
Take off our clothes while we get high
My digital lover
She so undercover
I be in Atlanta
She be in the Chrysler
And she know I love her
Even when we appart
She put her phone to her chest
So I see her heart, 'cause she
My digital lover

I got a cybergirl always in my cyberworld
Man, she a piece of work, I twerk when she all alert
Though we meet on Intersite
Then we surf, to another buddist web
World wide, to become digilovers
Pistol lover, Marvin Gaye
It's the futuristic way
I can't wait to book my space
And have you all up in my face
Cyber space, spaced out
Out looking, looking down
Instantly she telegram and Instagram on her dial
Instantly ememy, Twitter deep, ememy
When I be into this, sinking is complete