Pastor Troy
Above The Law
Yeah this song is dedicated in memory of mister Terell Alfago Davis
Mister Davis was gunned down at the hands of two Richmond County
Sheriff's Department officers down here in Augusta, Georgia
My n***a I'ma tell yall just like this
Them motherf**kers thank they some god damn bullies
But until we get wit they a** they gone continue to bully us around
And now all my n***as done gone above the law

All my n***as above the law
All my n***as above the law repeat 18x

Why the f**k these n***as f**kin with us, we ain't do nothin
All these pu**y motherf**kers, they just be bustin
I gets the cussin the f**k, cuz I, I gives a f**k
And then they lock a n***a up, disorderly conduct
And my luck ain't even left yet they done stuck my n***as up
Guess they didn't know that we didn't give a f**k
Yeah above the law, yuck my dope off in my jaw
Soon as I saw em
My so-called n***a fronted, but I would throw em
Out like three strikes, so tight he claim to be
While laughin in my face this n***a was framin me
I guess he didn't see KD and Greg watchin
On the roof trippin on three, my n***as poppin
Droppin like bad habits while smokin a sack of cabbage
Pa** the f**kin kid, sevem shots to his wig
N***a see what you did and you brought it on yourself
Don't ever try to stop no hustlers wealth
You f**kin chump, jump and get yo' a** stopped (WE AIN'T PLAYIN)
The motherf**kin crime scene, we ain't stayin
Relayin, what happened at nine o'clock
By twelve we gettin blowed off at the spot
We chop the Remyiits V.S. to O.P
Very Soon Opportunities are Plenty
Fools trippin drankin on some bull, fill up my cup
Get the thankin bout them phony b*t*hes, that stood me up
Test my luck, but I was never lucky
It took some triple gold D's for them hoes to f**k me
So f**k them, Braves hat with the crooked brim
I know I'm blessed as I'm dodgin them f**kin NARC'S
Nowhere to rest
That bullet proof vest protect they chest, not they head
One shot to them b*st*rds temple, them n***as dead
It was said I'm a lunitic
But I'll be damned if I put up wit some stupid sh*t
Cuz I'm above the law

One of my partners got caught with half a key
Since them crackers knew we was friends they askin me
Like I know, askin me the place to go to get this blow
And makin all kind of threats, like I'm gon' show
The flashlight gave a glow all in face
They askin me about this dope or catch a case
They askin me about the place, I can't remember
Me and him ain't made no moves since last December
Then I tucked a gram in my Timberland boot
Went the tieing up my sh*t, told em don't shoot
A group of these motherf**kers, aproachin swiftly
Hands on they f**kin gun, as if they really
Was bout to take a n***a off, didn't look good
Then I thought about the sh*t, and knocked on wood
Now would they find this dope hidden off in my shoe
And if they did find the sh*t, what would they do
I knew that I was f**ked up no where to run
All I saw was was Walter waitin,four "0" one
A Richmond County jail, ahh hell naw
Just that quick that my n***as gone have that y'all
We bustin at all coppers, f**k what ya heard
And up the mini 14 and mouths burn, last word
I thank they stem, and couldn't finish
When I said above the law my n***a I meant it
Above the law