Pastor Troy
Down To Ride
Huh... yeah, (Pt Crisuer) A-Town To Sack Town, (A - Town to sack town like this here) Ya'll Know (916 n***a) (Yeeah) Yeah

A Yo Man If you gon ride a n***a... Make Sho Dat n***a down 2 ride 4 you, (Ride 4 you n***a... PT Cruiser) Pastor... Verse 1 (Yeeah)
In Da black SS, Dat 96
With dat Teflon vest, ready 2 hit
A n***a up 4 da work, I know he got it
N Ain't Bout 2 be A whole Lotta talk About it
Smoke a fat blunt, just 2 get my mind right
Put some bullets in my clip, so my nine tight
Ready to ride, You thank I Give a f**k!
Walk Up In da studio N hit dey a** up
1st n***a buck, 1st n***a gettin fired
Da Mothaf**kin gun smoke get me high
Come up bout to change it, dnt come up bout 2 roll it
Yeah I'm da pastor, but I ain't holy
Molly, Gun shots burst out da back
My Mothaf**kin homeboi had my back
Back to dat in crime I take pride
(Huh) N mine gon ride
N I'm a ride 4 my n***as datz down to ride
My Momma told me everybody ain't ya friend boy
Wind up by yourself in da pin boy
Dem n***as snitches dey tell it if dey know it
N I ain't bout 2 let no weak n***a blow it
Sow it, Got 2 be a way 4 me
2 figure out who keep it real N see who really G
I got n***as say dey down to ride
Real n***as know dey down to ride
So I dig in my pocket all my money is spent
(Huh Huh) Who da f**k gon represent
4 or 5 n***as all dressed in black
Wearin black leather gloves holdin gats N bats (Yeeah)
Strapped up lookin 4 somebody to hit
Nothin gonna help me, but a nice lick
N I'm runnin outta time
My Back against da wall, N I'm a ride 4 minez
N I'm a ride 4 my n***as datz down to ride
N I'm a ride 4 my n***as datz down to ride