Pastor Troy
Messed Around
[Intoxicated whispering]
N***a ran up, got f**ked up
F**ked around got tossed up
F**k around get crossed up
We burnt his as the f**k up
Ha, ha, ha

[Pastor Troy]
O.K., O.K., O.K
Give and give in give, but that dont mean recieve
The sh*t dont be no game, cuz the sh*t that we believe
Tricks be up our sleeve, to sure to get ya weavin
This is Monday morning, found em Friday evenin'
Found em face down in the bot-tom of a creek
With shackles and handcuffs around his hands and feet
But that be too unique, so cops dont persue me
I got millions of bodies floatin' round this Chattahoochie
N***a arms and legs be spread out across that b*t*h
I'm lookin fo' head because i done lost that sh*t
So if you find a finger, or a leg, or a nose
See because I know where it goes
Cuz im the muthaf**kin killa

Chorus: Beezlee(2x)
N***a ran up, got f**ked up
F**ked around got tossed up
F**k around get crossed up
We burnt his as the f**k up

[Shawty Beezlee]
Now muthaf**ka I'll kill for real, so if u wanna go to war
I'll take you to war
So what it is, lil b*t*h, I got that 40 caliber
Now im commin after ya
Dont even do it f**k n***a, you'll get ya sh*t bust
Or to be to roll wit us, or get f**kin rolled over
Oomp camp Intoxicated takin this sh*t over
B*t*hes and n***as bow down to this real sh*t
Fake a** rappers get killed quick,in Atlanta b*t*h

Chorus: Beezlee (2x)

Now matter how u take it I'mma tell it like it is
I'll hit you with that fie-fie f**kin with me real
Cuz in the battle field plenty n***as gettin killed
B*t*h I'll drill ya, what the f**k you ain't gone live, you get peeled
F**k around get caught up, get yo a** chopped up
F**k around with that Oomp camp, watch yall nig get tossed up
Thought yall nig could stop us, we commin wit them choppers
I.N.T.O.X.I.C.A.T.E.D. dont give a f**k *echoes*
F**k n***a
F**k wit' none of y'all pu**y boys
Bullets fly randomly through the sky
Dollar bill muthaf**ka, see n***as the they gotta die
Got the 30, 30 with the scope, I'm on that dro
Got them killaz wit me on dash n***a, On Cambleton Road
Mista I'll kill yo a** quick, thats how it goes
Oomp camp jumpin down on ya wit 44's n***a
We gone make em bleed, somebody's got to leave
Left his head swoll, arm full of I.V.'s

Chorus: Beezlee (2x)

[Naudi Shawty]
N***a when the 9 hit ya
Spit ya guts up out ya mouth who wanna die with cha
I deliver quick, Blast with the click
Ask Naudi Shawt shoulder blast man
With the mask on, cold to look we ain't gone, muthafuka
Oomp camp trunk for the toys,commin with the noise
N***a down wit Pastor Troy
Its so large major bank thats my life
N***a ready to let go dump,raise quickly when i strike

F**ked around get floorboard, f**kin round wit Loko
F**k around get choke hold, f**ked around cut-throat
F**ked around and get tossed up, F**ked around and get crossed up
F**ked around get burnt up, F**ked around and get turned up
Dead on the scene n***as know what I mean
F**k around with the Oomp Camp, you f**k around be 6 deep