Pastor Troy
Cadillac Music
PT Cruiser, the bachelor
Flip that hoe like a spatula
She know that I’m spectacular
My suit’s cleaner than Dracula’s
Baby girl, I’m just asking ya
Why can’t you be a pa**enger?
Me and you (are not laughing dumb?)
Mark today on my calendar
Can I speak to your manager?
We could go get a manicure
We could go get a pedicure
Let me know if you’re insecure
This my uncle, MJG
I’m his nephew, I’m PT
My lifestyle’s luxury
I’m royalty, come f**k with me
Pull up to the club in the Cadillac Brougham
Cocaine white n***a, sitting on chrome
Playing “Fire and Desire”
Sitting on them thirty wires
(?) You see them gold strips
I ain’t ‘bout to handle courtship
With no chick, can’t pay me sh*t
Sock it to my pocket, b*t*h
And my hoe on go now, as we speak
She hit that stage seven days a week
I grab that hoe a’ about four A.M
She tells them f**k n***as “I’m with him”
I get my cash and drop her off
Because she know my pimpin’ costs
PT Cruiser, I’m in cruise control
I done had more good times than Esther Rolle
Now one time, for my motherf**ker Gator, n***a
Two times, if you’re really getting paper, n***a
Three times, if you like what you see
I’m Pastor Troy and that’s MJG
And this “Cadillac Music,” hoe you know
When you exit my car, don’t slam my door
Yo MJG, you ready, bro?
Man, show these n***as how to pimp a hoe