Pastor Troy
We Ain’t Playin
[Pastor Troy]
We-we ain't playin (ain't playin wit ya)
We-we ain't playin (ain't playin wit ya)
We-we ain't playin (ain't playin wit ya)

[Verse 1:Lil' Flip]
Uh, I'm smoking blunts with my n***as-I'm pullin triggers for cash
Promoters comin up short we put that heat on they a**
Cause when that shot gun blast, it ain't no stoppin the shells
You doing shows everyday but you ain't clockin no mail
I'm in the A-T-L f**kin with killers and thugs
Just book me for a show and watch me fill up the club
I gets nothing but love-I ride nothing but dubs
You steadily talkin that sh*t but you want box me with gloves
Don't make me f**k up ya mug, don't make me wire ya jaw
I'm never scared like Bone Crusher so go hire a law
So he can watch yo back, I hope he got yo gat
You ain't sound scannin so how you got yo plaque? (n***gaa)

[Hook: Pastor Troy]
We ain't playin' (what they stressin n***a)
We ain't playin' (what they yellin n***a)
We ain't playin' (what they stressin n***a)
We ain't playin' (what they yellin n***a)

[Verse 2: Pastor Troy]
I'm bout to bust me a head, I'm bout to hurt me a ho
I'm in the club on this riddlin n***a and puffin the dro'
You already know b*t*h it's PT!
And ain't naan n***a in here (bullet shots) gon' f**k wit me
I roll with Little'Flip lettin them hollows rip
Straight at yo chest plate I can't f**kin wait
Until a n***a cross my path you do the math
I got thirty in my clip, tell them n***as Little'Flip


[Verse 3: Killer Mike]
N***a roll wit ya self bring more drama then a Shakespeare play
When I pull that K-up off the shelf
Shot the deputy and the sheriff, got my crew need no one else
Lose my crew smoke by myself, drink by myself
Sit at the crib and plot by myself
Back to the block serve rocks by myself
Back to the glock n***a break yo self
Got somethin I need don't play yo self
You can freestyle I'm a pay myself, money over b*t*hes I'm a stay myself
You love hoes-I love myself wake up in the mornin and hug myself
When I hang with Flip we leanin left
With a flock of hoes like we some pimps
[Verse 4: Baby D]
When I step in the club everybody gettin up
Cause they know I came to make 'em jump
From the North, to the South, to the East, to the West
Put 'em up, represent it, and get it crunk
Throwin bows when ya bouncin on the flo'
Let me ask ya lil'shawty what you really, really wanna do
I know you got 50 n***as
But I got 50 n***as matter-of-fact me and Flip make 52
Stay ready to act a fool, throwin them blades up on the stage
Give me three step back my n***a or get hate
Delay my mind state, you get (??)up fa sho
It's goin down tonight and you know, kickin in do's
Givin 'em hell, makin 'em second bout the rhicter scale
A-T-L keepin 'em bouncin off the hook leavin haters shook
And we ain't playin my n***a we'll f**k you up

[Hook] - repeat to end