Pastor Troy
She Massage Me
I love you Alisha. (Yeah)
Hate we had to end this way
But now, I'm relaxed, laid back, I'm relaxed, laid back
(You ready Troy? 1 2 3 COME ON)

Told me to believe in you
And you played me
Got a b*t*h better than you
In mercedes
Sometimes I look at her
But I miss you
Wonder if I saw you now
Could I kiss you
Rolling with a b*t*h I know
It felt better
Now I got another home
About a Jenner
Only thing she wants to know
Is are we over
Then she place her hands
Upon my shoulder

She Ma**age me x12
I'm relaxed, Laid back x4

Sometimes I see my kids I close my eyes and see our picture (yeah)
You know I'm with this other chick I know you with that n***a (yeah)
Sometimes I get so frustrated I wish I never met ya (AH HAH)
I never meant to lie to you I only tried to help you (AH HAH)
Now you lyin' now we driving cuz we know we sober
He wipe your tears she wipe my tears and we cry on their shoulders
I hope you know you gotta go but remember that I loved ya (heh)
But f**k ya

I'm relaxed, Laid back x8