Pastor Troy

"The Intro (Walk Like Y’all Talk It)"

[Hook 1x]
Talk like ya'll walk it, Walk like ya'll talk it
Where my ghetto thugs mind for a mug
High for a n***a like me to show luv

Talk like ya'll walk it, Walk like ya'll talk it
When the push come the shuv
Show 'em where the dubs and the hard ass thugs, n***a what

(Verse 1): Eleven Twenty-Nine

Ya'll n***as better get fo' real (whassup)
Ya'll n***as know bullets kill (whassup)
Ya'll muggin' with ya'll grills (whassup)
Don't make me weigh this steel (whassup)
Some of ya'll be trippin' dope (whassup)
Now what you wanna go and do this fo' (whassup)
See them n***as kicking in yo do' (whassup)
Punk b*t*h n***a on the flo' (whassup)
I'm the kinda n***a that be ready (whassup)
Smoked out still chiefing on ghetty (whassup)
Ya'll kinda n***as just don't scare me (whassup)
??? ??? come and get me (whassup)
Peep a n***a been deep in the game (whassup)
And a bullet ain't got no name (whassup)
Ya'll n***as wanna get some fame (whassup)
We ain't gone play the same (whassup)
Slip the clip in the gat, then I roll
Where them muthaf**kin' n***as be hanging at (whassup)
Come around to the back (whassup), What was that? (whassup)
Put the slugs in the pipe, rat-tat-tat (whassup)
Some of ya'll n***as just be talking game
Recognized for the sh*t you said (whassup)
You the kinda n***a let it go to yo head (whassup)
Step to me wrong get popped in the head (whassup)
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