Pastor Troy
Murda Man
Iiiiiii'm comin, two .50 cal's in hand
Long goat-tee n***a the Taliban
I'm Murda Man, I'm tryna murk somethin
This ain't for ??? cheese I'm tryna hurt somethin
These n***as claimin g'z, claimin they run the South East
How you run the sh*t in that buck buck Caprice?
Atleast, you oughta know bout my flow
The P the T the R the O
The Y n***a, I'm so fly call me jet
Jump off in the ocean still ain't wet
I flex, I motherf**kin ball better ask em
Catch a n***a talkin sh*t n motherf**kin blast em
Murda, m-u-r-d-a
Im pumpin gats at whoever in the way
Im back wit gun play, don't think they undastand
But I don't think they wanna f**k wit the Murda Man, Murda Man

I don't think they wanna f**k with the Murda Man
F**k wit the Murda Man, f**k wit the Murda Man, Well Uh-Huh

Yaaaaa'll trippin, now everybody crunk
Yall n***as gon make me pop the trunk
Cuz I remember way back in the day
When the ATL wasn't gettin no play
Then I came out, dropped We Ready
N***as went to bouncin, ridin them box Chevy's
But I guess that was then, this is now
When I catch ya a** in the street the gun blow, blow
I represent the hard, I represent the angle
I represent the real, I represent the danger
I represent the cars, I represent the dream
I represent respect, I'm representin my team
It's Mister PT aka Murda Man
Ya pistol in ya car, my pistol in my hand
And you can ask Chan, I shot a n***a van
Dont think you understand, I'm the f**kin Murda Man, Murda Man and


Stiiiiiiiill spinnin, empty my magazine
I jump off in my limousine and flee the scene
This ain't the SWAT team, this ain't Lil Scrap n them
I rep that hard sh*t and f**k a platinum
And Little Jon, used to by homey, used to be my Ace
Now I wanna slap the the taste out ya mouth
N***a down south I'm a legend
When ya see me keep motherf**kin steppin
And flexin, so what you gotta A at n***a
That don't mean sh*t to a south side killa
Wussup Shay? wussup Tod?
On that a**, Shady Park
Murda, M-U-R-D-A
Im bustin shots at whoever in my way
C*ckin my A-K, don't think they understand
But I don't think they wanna f**k wit the Murda Man, Murda Man, and