Pastor Troy
Eternal Yard Dash
Come on cuz, we almost there
We almost there cuz
Goddamn, where the finish line?

F**k this sh*t, I need some cheese
And I need it quicker than Nestle
If I have to kill then God bless me
All these pu**y motherf**kers, they shouldn't have test me
Left me looking like the villian , I was thinking of ending
Nobody knew what I was going through
All these motherf**kers saying what they gonna do
But then again all these motherf**kers ain't true
So who am I gonna trust, am I going on and bust
Myself n***a, damn this sh*t
F**k riding round' n***a, f**k being rich
I can't take it, the sh*t to thick
And it ain't my fault
So I ought to give the motherf**ker telling lies to me
Hey the say, what its gonna be, but empty pockets all I goddamn see
D-E-F, no ones left, then again, sh*t no ones right
I'm a kill my damn self the night
I get fear, it ain't my fault he couldn't fight
It ain't like, when I motherf**king die, this whole world gonna fall apart
But it's a race, and I got a bad heart
Breath in the mouth, and I got a head start

I'm running for nothing, I'm running for nothing (x8)
So I'm gonna kill myself

A muthaf**ka tellin me what he gone do
When I knew the muthaf**ka wouldn't do sh*t
A n***a tease you, then a n***a leave you
Cause he heard that the sh*t done got thick, punk b*t*h
I get in the mood for cocaine
Cuz it's the only thing I see when a n***a look
Come and get the baking soda, then I flip the powder over
Then I got good dope when the sh*t cooked
But it crippled my to really understand that it really don't matter
What the f**k you been through
If a muthaf**ka see you doin better my n***a I'm here to tell ya
Muthaf**kas gonna hate you
Not a clue, If I really woulda knew, muthaf**kin 22
2 years wasn't far away
I never would have had a chance to enjoy Pastor Troy, woulda killed myself on


This heaven, where the streets of gold, and why the hell is the a/c off?
Where the f**k, all the loved ones that I lost?
F**k this sh*t, take me to the boss
Do you understand the cost that was paid
In order for me to be here tonight?
N***a whats up, something ain't right
Tell the Lord to turn on the damn light
Feeling like an angel when I take flight
Sh*t, as I try with all my damn might
All my power seem out my damn sight
Look, why the f**k I was packed so tight
N***a I ain't Mike, I'm Micah
Think I'm in the wrong spot
Not only do I have on black, its too hot
But why am I by the motherf**ker ain't shot
I got no halo, hello, motherf**ker sh*t n***a, I'm talking to you
Slap the clip in the tech 22
Let the sh*t fly and it went straight through
Now I got a clue, where the f**k I'm at
Shot him with the tech and the n***a didn't budge
N***a just bleedin', motherf**ker out of blood
Looking at me smilin', asking me what
I got guts, but guts, goddamn
Paradise,sh*t I can't tell
Went from dwellin' in hell on earth
Now I'm living in hell in hell