Pastor Troy
For Survival
This sh*t is for all the motherf**kin n***as out there
Doin what the f**k they gotta do to feed the family

[Verse 1]
Hanging up out the window ready to blow
I'm hara**ed by crackers, the stress of the Pastor
(Look in my eyes) I'm in a rage, scared of my shadow
But it's gone still follow me so why battle
(Nah, you gone make it) Naw f**k that, cuz you lying
Look at how many made it and look at how many trying
(So I guess you feel) No now I don't feel, never felt, never will
Ask Phil I kept it real yet it's still bloodspill
(Who they kill?) All my folks (How they die?) Quickly
Never really lived they life but they died particularly
Anyone who kept it real, Chuck and so many others
Preying for my pockets must've guess we dodge them undercovers
(So you sell drugs?) No, I show love, don't nobody love me
Papa wasn't there for me, momma never hugged me
Bugging me bout what I do, loan me a G or two
Just like I f**kin thought all you do is f**kin talk

[Chorus - 4x]
I do what I wanna do, I do what I have to do
And if that mean blast at you, my n***a we blast at you

[Verse 2]
When the pressure becomes too much upon my heart
Where the f**k I'm 'posed to go?
Flex like these other folks, f**k that sh*t twist my smoke
I'm told "no" so much that "yes" will probably scare me
So I dont give a f**k no more, whatever I am ready
God already prepared me for Hell so hell I'm straight
Give me a house and crush up the ounce, nothing but weight
And I won't be the only pastor that'll be burning
No mistakes yeah you heard it, cuz it wasn't misworded
Because ain't nobody perfect, who knows if God forgave you
Just because you got f**ked up you asking him to save you
Behave you, or I'll be forced to grab my rifle
And anything I do will be done for my survival

[Chorus - 6x]