Pastor Troy
Who Down
[Intro: Pastor Troy]
Yea, y’all know what time it is
This your boy Pastor Troy checking in
Oh yea, we reppin’ baby!
What up Luka Lansky!
Let’s get ‘em baby!
It’s on!
We dedicate this joint
To all the n***as out there
(Y’all know what this is!)
That’s down to ride for some real a** n***as
Publik Society baby!

[Verse 1: Pastor Troy]
(Once upon a, OK…
Once upon a, OK…)
Once upon a time in the Midwest, n***a
I was getting money with some {thoroughbred?} n***as
Up in Indiana, copping sh*t from Atlanta
N***as bought me a beach house in Savannah
I came with that dope, that n***a didn’t have an answer
I went to f**king Keisha, f**king Neesha and Samantha
And in my Glock fourty, black like a panther
N***a try to rob me, leave him in a pamper
Indiana Hoosier, b*t*h I’ll shoot ya
The PT Cruiser keeps that ruger
Me and Luka smoking Buddha
Headed to Cincinnati, smoking on Cali
And this sh*t I’ve got on is too flashy
Five hundred dollar cologne, b*t*h get at me
The pastor of disaster, better watch him, he’s a problem
That Publik Society, now who’s down to ride for me?

[Hook: Pastor Troy]
Who down to ride for a n***a?
Get money with a n***a?
To grind with a n***a?
To shine with a n***a?

[Verse 2: Luka Lansky]
Who’s down to ride…
In a new school, in an old school
Roll up ‘fore I roll through
‘Cause I blow dro like I grow dude
And your bullsh*t, it just won’t do
No, so I brought three, four, three Rolls and an ’02
I get feet froze, no they won’t move
While you stuck in the couch thinking no glue
Breathe smoke like it’s ‘02
Inhale, exhale, I was in hell when I was with my ex, well
Since we broke up, then I’ve been swell
The man on file like Denzel
{Like Penny, been about my process?}
But I’m about my chips like Intel
So let me talk my sh*t, I’m getting rich, hell!
Blowing money off the quick sales
I say hit me up, they’re like which cell?
I’ve got to switch it up ‘cause I don’t miss jail
I know kingpins, never had a finger laid on him
Still gotta be safe when you moving weight
Like a body builder on a b*t*h, yea!
Smoking gas but that ain’t why I’m finna blow up
Fire in my blunt, call that b*t*h a flamethrower
She ain’t ever been the same ever since she came over
Game over, hooptie or Range Rover, n***a