Pastor Troy
We Ready
I’m coming Straight out the gate
We don’t f**k with the fake
We don’t f**k with u snakes
Don’t give a f**k if they hate
I got my blunt sealed got my cup filled up
Please get to close cause we get real buck
We bringing pressure
Miss me with that extra
What u keep on talking for I anit with the lecture
N***a better calm that ready for that combat
U don’t wanna test this n***a we be all strap
A Veteran like a old age I be getting so paid
So stay up out my lane bro I’m thе type with road rage
Scrapping like thе old days please make me Turn up
You don’t really zay I
Can’t get you burnt up

We ready 3x
You know im back in the mix
Back on our sh*t
Back for this paper
Coming Back on on you haters

We ready 3x
You I’m Back with the team
Back on the scene
Back for the action
Back and we blasting