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Sun in the morning
Drunk by the afternoon
Isn’t it lovely?
I never loved me, baby, but you do

Plants wrapped in paper
Tongue the forbidden fruit
Meet all the neighbors
Dance with them later
Love ain’t an issue

I swear we all found everything we didn’t know we need
A right of passage, summer souls beneath the trees back in June
We foster memories we think of every day
You jump right in, I sit and watch you radiate like you do
My paradise is here with you

Cascade at nightfall
Careless and self assured
Eccentric, and primal
Basic, and vital
“Free” is the right word

Back home you’d feel different;
Reluctant to let it out
Burn that instillment
Own your resilience
Love where you are now

You moved on, well I can’t
I lost you, but I’m ignorant
I see you, baby, with him
Flood my gut and mind, over again

I can’t let it go
I’ll never let it go
I’m never letting go

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