To The Grave
Born Dead
Mouth full of flies
Rats in her ribcage
Bludgeoned impaled flayed and
Burnt at the stake
With teeth like knives and the
Skill of a shark
Abducted butchered
Left for dead in the dark

Brains made of spiders and
The tongues of a snake
The demon of pure death
Wearing her rotting face
Unblessed from birth
Void of faith
Baptised in violence

Sent with a chainsaw to hack the head off
Mother nature
Hanging from a meat hook while she weeps
In my dreams, let me sleep
Her eyes are slowly gouged on the
Killing floor of the slaughterhouse
Let me bleed the f**k out

Machinations oscillating
Generating cataclysm
Disintegrating civilisation
Suffocating paradise
Eviscerated angels
Vomited from the pitch black of the multiverse
And as you f**king choke I slit your throat ear to ear
Until your veins run dry
Crucified and begging for your f**king life
No one will miss you
Behold the ma**acre of man
A message to the maker
Heaving guts
These sl*ts shall sleep with the worms
Insides on the outside
Families lay murdered in the dirt

You're all writhing in bloodshed
Drowning in the swarm
No sirens signal the end
No warning for this storm

I was born already dead
A rope around my f**king neck
Doomed to pollute and poison
The wells of mother earth
Side by side with Satan

I devour the cowards
Everyone is marked a target
Skinned and buried alive
Six feet to hell and counting
Collecting hearts as trophies of the bloodbath
Their wounds shall bleed a f**king ocean
Dressed for death and entrails exposed
I have spoken to god

I'd kill myself to be all alone
To suffer in silence on my own
And drag you c**ts to hell with me
To this world of bones I call my home
I have the devil at my back
I prey for him and he guides my path
And I can't wait for the cold quiet morgue

Burning flesh is all I see
Her skull crushed
Limbs removed
An orchestra of victims' screams
The body count rises