To The Grave
Hell Hole
The things I've seen
You'd be sick to your stomach
Desensitized to the things that used to disgust me
Try to right a wrong and you're an enemy to the public
F**k staying complacent, there needs to be some justice

Sometimes I want to blank my face and load that clip
Go and cut the gates, boot down the doors, tune out the screams
Put 'em on their knees, click back like
Drop the weapons, or you'll get it
All this violence, time to end it
Wipe this sh*t stain off the map
Calm down? F**k that

No rescues will happen today
There is no help on the way
Under the crushing foot of mankind
No one gets out alive

They drop like flies
We have their names and we know where they f**king hide
This is ecocide
What's done in the dark will be brought into the light

Destination, hellhole
Population, all
Undesirables, dead on arrival
All was well, life was immaculate and uncorrupted
Until mankind rode in on a pale horse named death
Cut out their deafening heartbeats
And we're just getting started, trust me

Hidden far away from the prying eyes of the populace
Concealed beyond the treelines true horror exists
Time and time again, investigations go unnoticed
Uncovering things that could make your skin crawl
The death toll is measured in tonnes tonight, it's all online
Welcome to the hellhole, trespa**ers will be shot on sight
As the sun goes down, the body count will rise, piled to the skies
All who enter here must die
(Worse than anything I could write)

Pricetag, toe-tag
Bring your own coffins or join the ma** burial
Body bags, supplied to meet demand
Scavengers picking at the scraps of life
F**king savages

I'd hate your guts if you f**king had any