To The Grave
Lips & Assholes
Let the wolves feed upon the cradle of civilization
Behold the great mutilation, unnatural selection

There's bodies in our backyard but we pretend everything is fine
We just turn a blind eye and move on with our pathetic lives
Not a single one of them deserved the cross they bear
They don't believe in a hell because they're already there

Slaughtered like swine, the rest of your kind, we'll drain them dry
They brought p*ss to a sh*tfight

You talk a lot but you don't stand for sh*t
F**king pigs, they say they care but don't have the balls to prove it
Better off aborted than raised like a b*t*h

Twelve years until you get the world you asked for
I guess they are what they eat, just lips and a**holes
These hypocrites need to answer for their stupidity
If I gave a f**k about God you'd be the devil to me

Confidence born of ignorance, the cycle can't be broken, hopeless f**ks
Bow down at the feet of the death machine
Keep licking the boot that's standing on your neck

When you're nose deep in sh*t
Don't take a second to breathe
Keep your mouth shut or start swallowing it
Bow your heads into the swinging axe
I vow to you all
I'll never truly be comfortable
How can I smile when there's blood staining the walls?
Screams are all I hear at night, and they're your fault
I pity c**ts like you, let me speak clearly when i say
You've declared war, and i see you as the enemy
And I will finish the horror that you f**king started
You're either with us or you're a target

There's not enough sand on the planet
To bury seven billion heads
But there's more than enough bullsh*t
To keep us up to our necks in it

Breathe in deep and sink
F**k this flesh culture obsession
Common sense is dead, just a piece of meat

Blood will flow
Ashes in the trash, discarded
You're finished
But we're just getting started

I knew you'd sink but I didn't know how far
Like the piece of sh*t you are
We scatter and flee like pathetic roaches
Pa**ing the blame and fanning the flames
Such is the way of the human disgrace