To The Grave
Death by a Thousand Cuts
Watch them swarm the corpse like blood to a hungry shark

I can feel their knives ready at my spine
They say they are but they would sooner kill us all than do what's right
Begging for validity and they'll get none from me
Bystanders and perpetrators, all the f**king same really

Watch them flood the comments like flies to dog sh*t

I thought I knew some sh*t c**ts
But then you come along and test my patience
And I thought you had a shred of common sense but
It turns out you're just as weak as the rеst

You say you're on our side but that's a f**king joke
Thеse heroes won't lift a finger to help, only to stroke their ego
Come and crucify me for being blunt
Then glorify the doormats, have your circle j*rk of dumb c**ts

Pull out the guts if there's any there at all

Until every cage is empty we'll be in your face
I've got hell to raise and bolt cutters for those gates
This is how it's gonna be until the stabbing ceases
Then they'll f**king see if they don't listen to reason
I thought I'd heard it all
Then they said they were carnivores
Sharpened claws, afraid of a corpse and out
Hunting at the grocery store

Pull out the guts
Pull out the spine