"Last Song"

[Chorus: pH-1]
You ruined me like a bad song
You got me crying in a restaurant
Now everybody cracking jokes
While my plate is soaked
Really wish that you my last song
Why can't you just be super ugly
I hate that I love you
Even when you be dumping me
Guess you my dopamine
Throwing shade on me like a parasol
Baby be my last song

[Verse 1: Jay Park]
'Sipping on Dom Perri
Mix it with tears of sorrow
Lookin at your IG
Girl why'd I get unfollowed
U could've been my Riri
After quarantine
We could've hit beaches of Waikiki
I guess that's just Ce la Vie
Girl you out with other guys
They giving your butterflies
I guess we can't harmonize no mo
No entanglement for me
You treat me like a D-O-G
I'm still waiting for u by the door
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