Wegun Is My DJ (Romanized) lyrics


Axel Arigato
Swag of a don that be my bravado
Hella drippy, someone get me a poncho
Sold out the venue 5 thou in the house though, yeah
Won soju is the brand
U drink that then, bruv, u my mans
Pop it one time, mama, use no hands
My kingdom, I'm the greatest in the land
Get ’em a bottle of water, they lookin' thirsty
Somebody's rappers actin’ funny, Eddie Murphy
I like that chocolate complexion like some Hershey's
Take me to ur hotel, lil mama, show no mercy
Ooh gyesok girok sеwo
Jeokdeulhante borandеusi seonggong han bang mengnyeo
Yeongguk haninsikdang budaejjigae saljjak maewo
Pabeop gaseo paendeul mannan daeume han su baewo
We eating good, living good, me and the squad
Killing shows, hitting hoes, then we shoot the vlog
I'll tell u what I want, really want living posh
Gimme top skeet on ur blouse, oh my gosh

Wegun is my DJ

Out in London, drippin' like it's rainin'
Need a belt, all the pounds I be gainin'
Got a fat wallet, six digit mileage
5000 pack a venue, yea, we been wildin'
H1GHR gang, we don’t rest
Til death, mo money, no stress, don’t test
No cap, y'all mad, no offense
I been killin’ and dealin' with nonsense
So tonight we gon celebrate
Lookin' for a wifey, we gon set a date
Cuff me up and I promise to show you better days
Or live a hard knock life like a metal gate
Chillin', chillin’ at Costa
Feelin' this coaster
Y'all move over
I'm steppin' on ya
With preppy loafers
Like fee, fi, fo, fum
If I want 'em, know I'ma cop 'em

Wegun is my DJ

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