Ocean Beats


If you ever feel yourself falling out, let me know when
If I get to be a little much just let me know when
Cause I'm just scared that you'll leave and I'll wish I knew then
And if I'm only here for you, then what you think I'll do then?
Cause this love is something I'm
It ain't something you can find
So just know that I'm all in
And just know that I'll miss you

You don't really need me it's a figment
Miss the feel of lipstick on my pigment
Open sails on water, still I'm sinking
Baby you know how I feel about the drinking
Cause I can't help these feelings whenever you're not around me
That you'll get a taste of life and realize what you've got without me
That you'll think that maybe having me ain't adding at all
And being with me is stopping you from having it all

Sorry I f**ked up
And I'm sorry if you feel like I'm sorry for nothing
And I'm sorry I wasted your time
I'm sorry I f**ked up
And I'm sorry I'm in love
I put you above all
But maybe sorry's not enough
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