Ocean Beats

"Old Friends (ft. Kyng Cyrus, Te$hakii)"

Walking round the halls seeing all my old friends
All  the new kids wack that’s exactly what I told em
I  can tell who’s fake they like paper always folding
Remember all the good times back in elementary flowing
These ugly chicks is trolling
Acting  like they know it
And  put it on a post it
It’s a breeze I’m coasting (Gang gang)
Cause  I got your chick
They’ll do anything for this
On my wrist it’s ocean
Don’t care about emotions

(Teshakii  whatcha got)

Walking round the halls seeing how u doin
Me and Cyrus the reason all these people drewling
We is always high key but u know we ain’t juuling
And if you get on my nerve Imma pop u wit dat toolie (ahh)
Don’t think We mad at u, u know we always coolin
All u Emo kids cheer up stop the mood swings
Dadadadadadadadadad I’m booming

Noah’s trash at this but u probably already knew it
All the homies at the crib yea we really do this
And if you think other wise then u is prolly foolish
If u bugging u get popped off just like a toothpick
U shouldn’t be surprised u prolly already knew this
Up and down these roads
Killing all these shows
I rock designer clothes
That’s big cap yea I know
Just keep it on the low
They know I am special
And u just average joe
U just a basic go
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