Ocean Beats


I, don't f**k with love
But I, don't want lust

I, don't f**k with love
But I, don't want lust (don't want lust)
Hate, myself
I'm piling weight-on-weight on my head
Yes on my head

[Verse 1]
Was born to be tough
Bruh I feel like I am dumb
Started my thinking
It started to sink in
I feel like I'm dead
And all of these feelings were wrong
And all that I'm thinking is red
Blood in my eyes
Drunk when I cry
'Cah nobody knows when it's time to die (die, die)

[Verse 2]
She's got brown and blonde hair
Tan skin
Starry eyes
A school flair
Taste in fashion don't lack
And she'll never understand
How one day
One eye, another eye
Can change things
I don't know what to do
The blink of an eye I'm in love
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