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Ocean Beats

"The End."

[Intro: Alexia Jain]

[Verse 1: Théo GOUDE]
And I dried and I dried and I dried so much
And I tried and I tried and I tried so much
And I died a couple times, that was one too much
As I rode a couple skies and I hung the sun
We was at our peak, I watched the grass fields grow
Mountains crashing down, and you watched the snow
I ain’t never done this sh*t before
Find me in the kitchen crying on the floor
Rolling on my toes, Rolie Polie goals
Knife within my art, ice dripping down from your nose
That’s my foe and who knows
A single rose might create a couple rows
The life I chose, is filled with no’s
A couple jokes, a couple notes
And I get along my way stepping on a bigger coast
If you know, you know
I know I’m not sure
Do you love me, or have I seen this before?

[Chorus: Alexia Jain]
Have I
Told you?
I hate you

[Verse 2: Alexia Jain & Théo GOUDE]
What’s going on?
What’s going down?
I don’t f*ck with you
Ran over my town
Left me for a fool
Cut my head and stole my crown
Now you want it now, now you want it now
Now you say you won it now
I died a couple times to avoid you drown
I know you drawn to me, I burnt the picture down
Put the picture down, put the picture down
Put the picture down, put the picture down

Wait up, wait a second, wait a minute
What you tryna tell me now?
When I was at bottom you stomped my head into the ground
You stopped my heart and squashed it brown
You say you drowned with me where are you now?
Where are you now? Where are you now?
Where are you now? Where are you now?
What the f*ck you tryna make me believe in?
What the f*ck you portraying?
What the f*ck are you saying?
That my dreams & nightmares were actually breathing?

[Chorus: Alexia Jain]
I know
I kno-ow
My, dreams whisper
Come true
Hey have I told you?
My heart’s

[Verse 3: Théo GOUDE]
I see shadows everywhere
I see mirrors everywhere
Why you running are you scared?
I don’t need my pain to care
On medication but I know you there
Blue pill or red pill, get me a chair
You’ll never get me to share
Again, this is the end to bare
In the silence I live too well
It’s the science of why we care
We f*cked too well to be fair
We had what was so so rare
I never want to want you
That sh*t was painful
Break me, I break you
Rob me, I rob you
Hit me, I kill you

[Outro: Alexia Jain]
I told
You are
The End
Of Me

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