"99 Bottles (CER10 Remix)"

[Hook 1: Khary]
99 bottles
99  bottles of beer on the wall
99  models
99 reasons I can't f**k with ya'll
99 problems
Wait,  no, I am not JAY-Z
I  know I'm the one, you know you can't graze me
99 reasons you hate me

[Verse 1: Khary]
I  hear insecurities in your bravado
Stopping sipping my sh*t, n***a, get your own bottle (Woo!)
36.99, get you some Henny (Henny)
Homie, you tripping, get out of Morocco (Aye)
I  admit, I am a tough act to follow (Damn) (Uh)
Black and white sneakers, my outfit's so- (Outfit's so-) (Hehehe)
Black and white sneakers, my outfit's Mulatto (Mulatto)
Yellow raincoat, and my girlfriend so Asian (Aye) ([?])
I smoke a little, don't sniff that Caucasian ([?]) (Skrt, skrt!)
No... coke is not a black man's drug (Nah) (Woo, woo!)
Black on tracks, like I'm Batman’s glove ([?]) (Batman)
Hands on, like an Afghan robe (Afghan) ([?])
Never miss, like Pac-Man’s love (Love) (Yeah!)
Damn, this is not a game though
Turnt ass n***as always looking for an angle (Angle)
Get off my d**k, let it dangle (Dangle)
Get off my horse, you ain't Django (Django)
Vroom, vroom
NASCAR, Khary, this is not a two-seater (Pew)
Not a should of, could of, would of (Aye, aye) (Skrt, skrt!)
n***a, you can keep the cedar (I know)
Derek Jeter, when I hit it out the park (Park)
Tony Stark, got them Iron Man features (Ah) (There he go)
Blast off, then I fire heat seekers (Aye) ([?]) (There he go!)
Cool ‘em off, make them hire new teachers (Aye, yo!)
Only wired, never teetered ([?])
Killing sh*t and choir for the reefer (Damn)
Bodies don't expire in the freezer (Ehehe..) (Ah)
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