[Intro: Khary]
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Nah, nah, nah, nah
Oh, oh, oh, oh

[Chorus 1: Rob Curly & Khary]
I be breaking hearts, I ain't smooth
I'm the same n***a in tune with the groove
Mama say, mama say, "What's the move?", I'm a [?]
I'm ashamed of the blues, keep the cool view, aye, uh
sh*t, [?], she know a young n***a got [?]
Shorty said she love my tone (My tone)
Come through, be [?] (My tone, my tone, my tone)
Be [?]

[Verse 1: Khary]
Uhhh, I'm 'bout to f**k it up (f**k it up)
Shorty said she don't, [?] f**k n***as in double cups (Cups, double cups)
She wants a weirdo who likes Dragon Ball, run it up, my mulatto chick (Up, run it up)
Give a lot of d**k, she gives double-stuffed, Oreo ([?], d**k!)
Self-made n***a's how the story go (Story go)
"Is it Khare-y? Khi-ry? Wait, I got it, is it Kho-ry?" No (No)
Damn, bruh, it's Khary (Yup), don't even get me started
I'm the type to leave your baby mama lonely at The Maury Show (Heheh...)
So- pardon me if I go in my bag a little (Bag a little)
n***as say they tough, they a bag of Skittles (Bag of Skittles)
I don't gotta' bluff, I am not the fightin'-type
I know who I am, I don't have no riddles (Ooo...woo!)
I don't be in the club like, "Bam, bam" (Swee-!)
You smokin' Flintstones, my man-man ([?])
If you think you touchin' us, [?], oh, you say this wifey got plans-plans
I bet she never showed you her tramp stamps (Hahahah!), yikes!
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